Wine And Waves

Another perk of going around Santorini with Sunrise Greece, I got the perfect dose of wine and waves. They brought me to this quaint winery out of town, run by a Greek family for many many years. It was an afternoon filled with authentic Greek wine and a dose of art and beautiful paintings on the side. By sunset, we were off to Santorini’s White Beach and Red Beach–two contrasting beaches that are famous for its clear skies, pristine waters and surrounding cliffs. One is lighter in overall color and the other, more bold and striking. It was a great way to cap off my Santorini vacation. It felt like we went full circle. And I’m glad I was able to share all of this to you every step of the way, thanks to Smart. 

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My next adventure? Vienna, Salzburg and Hallstatt. Stay tuned! 

Triangl bikini | NA-KD Fashion tie-dye maxi dress 

18 Responses to “Wine And Waves”
  1. Eloisa Abella

    WOW!!! wine + art + scenic views + Camille Co = 💗💗💗💗💗💗

  2. Elizabeth T.

    Santorini is really so beautiful! I’m loving all of these breathtaking shots! And loving the maxi dress that you have on! :) <3 So romantic and the color's striking – perfect for the scenery! Can't wait to see more of your next adventures!

    XO, Elizabeth

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