VLOG: A Pokemon Go Newbie’s Funny First Time

I’ve never been a gamer. Although my brother has desperately attempted since my early childhood days to convert me to the dark side, it never really resonated with me. Sure, I had my fair share of NBA, WWE, Mario, Street Fighter and racing games (my brother is the only boy among us siblings so he had to bully the youngest one a.k.a. me to play with him), but I didn’t know what I was doing half of the time.

Then Pokemon came out. And as usual, my brother tried to get me into it. But by this time, he already tried (and failed) to teach me how to play Magic cards that when I saw Pokemon had cards as well, I completely shut down. Needless to say, my Pokemon career never flew off. As a result, I only knew Pikachu (because duh), Charmander (because everyone kept mentioning it) and Jigglypuff (because the name is too cute not to know). I never saw a single episode of Pokemon, let alone the movie. It’s safe to say I was not a Pokemon-loving kid. So when Pokemon Go suddenly became all the rage this year, I was the most clueless and uninterested person in the entire world (universe rather) of this phenomenon.

Now, imagine me playing Pokemon Go. You’re in for one funny (and epicly disastrous) Pokemon Go noob experience.

23 Responses to “VLOG: A Pokemon Go Newbie’s Funny First Time”
  1. Eloisa Abella

    Hahaha this is so funny! I can still recall when people went crazy over this to the extent that some would miss class to catch pokemons.

  2. Stephanie

    “Can I change the outfit midway?” #FashionistaProblems101 HAHAHA you’re so funny Camille!

  3. Pia

    Hahaha this is so fun to watch!! “Can I still change the outfit midway? Syempre ‘yun yung concern ko” I love how honest you are! Hahaha. Automatically my favorite YouTube video now, I was laughing the whole time. It’s like we’re watching a different side of you. <3 Looking forward to more of this. :D


  4. Kay

    This is so funny!!! But I’m glad you were able to play the game because it’s really addictive right?! Ever since they launched it in US, I’ve patiently waited for it to be available here in Manila and boy the craze is so unbelievable! Grabeh as in pagbaba ko ng building to catch Pokemons, you’ll see people, mostly in groups, mga nakayuko sa mga phones nila. Nakakatawa talaga! And oh, I was able to make friends because of Pokemon.

    • Camille Co

      Super!!! I hear some people meet partners as well lol Tinder na pala Pokemon Go

  5. Mark U

    Let me share my experience with Pokemon Go.

    1. Installs pokemon GO
    2. catches pokemons inside the house
    3. Realizes I have to go outside to catch more pokemon.
    4. Uninstall Pokemon go app.
    5. Goes back to playing Pokemon on my Nintendo DS.

  6. Janille

    I love this video! It showed your “wacky” or kalog side that is rare to see. Because you always look elegant with poise in your outfit posts. A big high five for this video!

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