Something Borrowed

Looking a little retro in my flared pants and floral boots. I love that we live in a time like ours–where we’re not stuck to one style of dressing and instead, get to borrow from the fashion trends of the past and mix them with new ones. It makes fashion nowadays so much more exciting and dynamic, don’t you think? But then again, it can make our closets a little bit too full as well. What with all the trends that come back around, we can’t seem to throw anything away too hastily now. I mean you’ll never know when something will be in again and all of a sudden, it’s that key piece you can proudly claim to be “vintage”. And that my friend is the wonderful world of fashion–the addictive cycle that never ends.

From Korea coat | Storets blouse and jeans | Chanel bag | Isabel Marant boots

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  1. Donna

    I posted my question in the wrong post :( This is where I’m actually interested what type of lens you’re using? Thanks!

  2. Hannah

    Hi Camille,

    I like your style! Can I repost your photos on instagram and feature your photos on our website? It is not up and running yet but we are thinking of featuring blogger outfits and I want to feature this look. :)


  3. Stephanie

    I always stick to skinny or straight cut jeans whenever I go shopping because I think flare jeans are hard to pull off. Boy, you proved me wrong!

    Also, did I mention that flare jeans are usually the leftovers whenever there’s a sale? LOL!

    • Camille Co

      Precisely because a lot of people think they can’t pull them off! Just try them! Who knows, right? :)

  4. Elizabeth T.

    This pink duster coat is so pretty! I love the way you paired it with such flared jeans – really makes for a statement! <3 :) And yes, fashion is so magical, don't you think? I'm always amazed at how the trends come and go!

    XO, Elizabeth

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