Strolling Around Salzburg

The grand Mirabell Palace and Gardens, the traditional shopping street Getreidegasse, the medieval Hohensalzburg Castle, the splendid Salzburg Cathedral, the striking Sphaera on Kapitelplatz, the view of the Eastern Alps–these are just a few of the sights that make Salzburg one of the most beautiful destinations. I’m glad I took Sunrise Greece’s suggestion and decided to shoot our second series of photos here. It’s got a majestic old world feel to it that no other place has–making me feel like a princess from the olden times, even without the huge ball gown and pretty Bavarian braid hairstyle. Move over, Duchess Kate.

Weekday coat H&M top Zara leather skirt Mulberry bag October 1 shoes

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  1. Chantel :)

    Kinda Jealous girl here, that majestic place is really fantastic. Words Are not enough to explain how beautiful and magical it is. Indeed, your such a lucky girl to get a chance to go in different places that you wanna go!!! Keep it up Cams. :)

  2. Eyenne

    Oh what a truly majestic place! I wonder if I can get a chance to visit in this lifetime. 😊 For now, i live vicariously through your blog haha! Keep the posts coming!

  3. Ellen

    Love your post.. Perfect! What brand is your shoes? Love it! More power and God bless

  4. Patricia

    Also, I’m just curious, but what do you do with your old clothes since you’ve got tons of them? Do you have a shopping addiction like me too? Hahaha!

    • Camille Co

      I used to but now the addiction is being managed haha! I sell or give them away :)

  5. Patricia

    Hi Camille! Sorry if my question is not related to this blog post, but can you recommend any blackhead removal products? I can’t seem to find the perfect one.. Thank you!

  6. Pia

    Oh my god the place is beautiful — you did a good job capturing it. :) And I love your outfit here, it’s so laid back but very chic (kinda #TitasOfManila -ish, but one that 20 somethings would totally wear)! Will totally put this one as an outfit inspo. <3

  7. Bev

    I smiled to the last line, “Move over, Duchess Kate.”….btw the place is so lovely, so beautiful…i wish i live in that city..I wouldn’t mind visiting that place everyday…that huge and lovely garden..thanks miss Camille for sharing us your showed us that this place exist.

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