Palace Of Bliss

On our fourth day in Bhutan, we made our way to Punakha Valley which was previously the capital of Bhutan until 1955. Although it is considered to be one of the warmest valleys in the country (due to its lower elevation of 1200m above sea level), it was still super cold. I don’t know how the Bhutanese people do it, especially when they’re in traditional clothes. But I guess they’re used to it. It’s all good though, at least I get to layer to my heart’s content–away from the usual island girl life for once.

When in Punakha, every tourist must visit Punakha Dzong–the country’s largest and most beautiful dzong where all of its kings’ coronation took place. Strategically located where the Po Chu and Mo Chu rivers meet, I can’t help but feel that the dzong looks like something straight out of a painting. More so during spring time when all the flowers are abloom and the sun is shining brightly down the river. Nevertheless, even during winter, I can totally see why its full name translates to “Palace of Bliss”. 

Aside from being the old seat of government of Bhutan, Punakha Dzong also houses a monastery and temple. We were actually fortunate enough to see the monks doing some sort of ceremony where they presented the offerings and chanted a prayer but of course, no photos were allowed. All I can say is it was a really enriching experience. One that I will cherish forever. 

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  1. Kaye Alid

    Love how colorful the monasteries are! Plus the quality of your pics never fail to amaze me! 😍 Such nice place!

  2. anne-marie

    Very beautiful pictures and beautiful country
    thank you
    You make us dream

  3. Anne

    I asked my sister about it and she said there was indeed back in 2012 for “Princess and I”. It was bugging me so I had to ask. LOL. :)

  4. Maya

    Hi camille, How about an updated video of your workouts? Its the holidays and I’m trying to stay off sweets because its my weakness. But I doubt I can resist, marupok ako hehe. I would like to see a fitspiration to stay active during Christmas, just some things I can do at home instead of baking with every recipe they show on tv…

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha :) Hmmm I’ll see if I can maybe whip up a Snapchat vid one day! :)

  5. Andi

    Stunning photos, Camille! I am always impressed by the shots and angles and the post-processing. Of course, the overall experience of your trip is more than anything else. :)

  6. renly

    vibrant view, parang painting na mamahalin ang view

    parang paraiso na ewan

    nice pictures btw

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