VLOG: My Korean Makeover and Seoul Fashion Week Experience

Remember when I told you I was going to Seoul Fashion Week with MakeUp Plus App? Well, here it is! The first part at least– everything from my makeup session with HERA, hair makeover with the legendary Ihee and most importantly, the Miss Gee Collection fashion show at Seoul Fashion Week.

Hope you guys like it!

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  1. Sabrina

    Oops I’m so sorry I reread the description now! Lol where do you get your clothes? (brands, etc,!) I simply love your style and you would be such an amazing star !!

  2. Sabrina

    Wow where did you get your makeover in Seoul? I will be visiting there around Christmas and I would love to try it :) Btw you are simply gorgeous!!

  3. jmisabel

    So lucky that you were able to experience this! I really love how Koreans apply makeup because it’s not too bold and simple, yet it really makes them glow. I like how they styled your hair, not too much volume on the curls, and the hair color really suited you! :)

  4. Jenny Andres

    I love your make-up, the way they change your hair color, I like your dress and you almost look like Koreana. I am amazed with this video. Thanks for showing us how beautiful Seoul Fashion Show is.

  5. Eloisa Abella

    There are a lot of unique cafes in Korea :) Hope you can write a blog about it and take pictures with Joni 😊

  6. Gianerys8

    Omg Seoul!! One of my favorite cityyy 💖 Luckyy to have gone to a fashion week huhu btw love your make up 😊


    Hi Miss Cammile great Vlog love your new hair and i like your coat as well as your shades. Have a great day

  8. Tanya

    Love your vlogs!! What camera and what gimbal did you use to film this?

    • Camille Co

      Thanks! No gimbal. Just a small tripod and my Canon g7x Mark ii :)

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