VLOG: Venice Travel Diary

I still owe you guys a lot of blog posts from all my previous travels but I hope you’d let me indulge you with my travel vlogs for the time being. I’m currently in South Africa so I haven’t found the time to edit all my photos for my blog posts yet. My videos, however, are all ready to go so I hope you like them. They’re my own little way of keeping you guys updated with my travels. Think of them as teasers for what’s to come.

This particular video covers my trip to Venice with DFS Galleria. I’ve been to Venice many years ago but only for an overnight stay so I can’t really say I’ve explored it as much as I would’ve wanted to–which is also why I’m more than happy to revisit the romantic city. Come my trip to Venice, little did I know that it was around the same time as the city’s carnival season! So many people were in costumes and there were events held practically everyday we were there!!! It made my trip all the more memorable. I wish I got to document it all for all of you to see. Hopefully, this video is enough to tickle your imagination. Enjoy travel bugs!

16 Responses to “VLOG: Venice Travel Diary”
  1. Jen

    Hi Camille! Can you share with me your itinerary or the attractions you’ve visited when you went to London? How many days were you there?

  2. Erika

    Hi achi camille! What was your hotel in London when you went there? Can you give me some recommendations?

  3. Mau

    Hi Cams! How’s it been? I’m back in your blog/vlog. Not sure if you still remember me tho. Just curious on what hotel did you stay in Venice?

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