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Neutrogena Fine Fairness Light Mask By Camille Co

When I first saw this funky little thing, I thought to myself, “what in the world is this??!?!” I mean, it looks like a Storm Trooper mask or that thing murderers use in horror/suspense movies! LOL. It’s definitely not something I’ve seen in beauty stores before. What a novel little thing!

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Light Mask

Apparently, it’s called the Fine Fairness Light Mask by Neutrogena. It’s a wearable LED device that delivers therapeutic red and infrared wavelengths deep into the skin at the speed of light to help give our skin a fair and glowing look – with less dark spots. Some of you might get spooked out that the light it emits is red but it’s totally safe. The Neutrogena Fine Fairness Mask is actually inspired by the same LED technology used by NASA scientists and is free of any UV rays. It’s totally chemical free too. And since it makes use of light technology, it’s able to penetrate our skin deeper–with the red light working to inhibit environmentally-induced excess pigmentation, helping improve skin tone for more even, radiant results; while the infrared light stimulates collagen and elastin production, increasing cell plumpness and luminosity.

Each Neutrogena Fine Fairness Mask includes one mask with a 30 session activator. Each session lasts for 10 minutes. If you ask me, that’s definitely waaaaaaay faster than going to any derma for a skin treatment. I’m in!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love getting pampered at my favorite facial centers every now and then but with my current lifestyle, it’s just not always the most ideal. It’s hard to find the time to squeeze a derma sesh in between all the traveling and work I do. With the Fine Fairness Light Mask, I now have a portable solution that’s quick and easy.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness

So how does it fit into my daily skin regimen? Neutrogena actually has an entire Fine Fairness range that goes hand in hand with its Fine Fairness Light Mask. In the morning, I use the Fine Fairness cleanser then toner, brightening serum and finally the gel cream. And then at night, I add the Light Mask in my regimen and use it right after I cleanse my face and before I apply my toner, brightening serum and overnight brightening cream (in place of the gel cream).

Initial impressions:

    • Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cleanser: This cleanser feels so gentle on my face. It doesn’t feel harsh at all. After using it, my skin feels fresher and cleaner but still moisturized. My face doesn’t feel like a dishware that just got out of an intense dishwasher cycle.
    • Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner: This toner feels like water and absorbs on my skin pretty well. Although I do like it, I have a feeling it works even better on normal/dry skin.
    • Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum: This is probably my favorite out of all the Fine Fairness products. It’s a lightweight serum that feels and smells great! And I feel like it brightens up my face the most. It brings out the radiance of my skin.
    • Neutrogena Fine Fairness Gel Cream: I’m all about oil-free moisturizers so this is a big fat yes in my book. It makes my skin feel so hydrated without making it oily.
    • Neutrogena Fine Fairness  Overnight Brightening Cream: Because this is an overnight cream, it feels a bit thicker than the gel cream, which I don’t really mind. It definitely feels richer and takes a while to absorb. The morning after results though are great! My skin feels and looks well-rested.

    All of these products are formulated with HealthyWhite Complex that targets all three elements of tone, texture and hydration to bring out lasting translucent fairness. Personally, I think it’s not about making your skin whiter. It’s about improving your skin’s overall appearance by achieving that healthier glow and even skin tone which is what these products are all about.

    Camille Co

    I’ve only been using these products for five days now but I think I can already see a difference. You see, coming from consecutive trips to Croatia and South Africa, my skin definitely suffered. I was always out in the sun. My sun spots were on a roll!!! My skin looked a bit dull from the lack of sleep. Ahhhh! It was tragic! LOL. But look at my skin now! I actually have no powder or foundation on in this photo, just eye makeup and lip tint. You can still see a bit of my sun spots on the outer areas of my cheeks but overall, my skin looks so much brighter and all the traveling I’ve been doing this past month doesn’t seem to show any more. In fairness. (Pun intended)

    The Neutrogena Fine Fairness Light Mask, along with the rest of the Fine Fairness range, is available at selected Watsons stores.

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