No Such Thing As Too Much Polka Dots

ring with you my first ever encounter with world-renowned Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. I was lucky enough to catch her exhibit at Helsinki Art Museum when I was in Finland last year. Back then, I had no idea who she was–which was a tragedy really because her work is amazing and I was obviously missing out.

I remember when I first walked into her exhibit–entering through a bold red staircase with a gigantic red bulbous installation hanging from the ceiling. I thought, “Wow! I’m definitely in for something wildly unexpected.” And true enough. I was.

There by the top of the stairs, an installation of Yayoi herself standing in the middle of her trademark polka dots was waiting for me. It was so realistic that for a moment there I actually thought “Installation Yayoi” would start moving! As I made my way around the exhibit, I got more and more invested in the eccentric world of Yayoi Kusama. It really is like no other. There were mirror installations of infinite polka dots and artwork painted in bold colors and patterns. There’s also a room called Obliteration Room where guests can leave their own polka dot mark. It’s basically just an all white room filled with white furniture and decor and guests can leave polka dot stickers wherever–resulting in the mot colorful polka dot room I would’ve probably loved to live in as a child. So why the obsession over polka dots? Apparently, according to HAM’s website, “Kusama’s idiosyncratic imagery arises from the recurring visual hallucinations she has experienced since her childhood, in which the world appears covered in dots and repeating patterns, almost like an infinitely starry sky.” So this must be how it’s like to be in the mind of an art genius!

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20 Responses to “No Such Thing As Too Much Polka Dots”
  1. Anne

    Aaah! Genius indeed. I’ve been seeing her work online so much these past few years and can’t help but be in awe. It would be awesome to see the install personally (not just in photos although these are great shots btw), don’t you think Cams? Also, how I wish artists in the country can also be given a platform as huge as this. I’m honestly glad that street art and murals have become evident in cities more and more so hopefully someday. :)

    • Camille Co

      At least we’re slowly having more and more art-centered events here in the country. We have so much talent! Hopefully some day! :)

  2. Judylyn Ramos

    I got to experience this too! Mine was in Singapore! It’s so humbly to experience her art andyou can feel her passion. But apparently, I don’t have much picture of myself, kasi I came alone. Hehehe. (Hope you can check it on my wesite. 🤗) 🔝

  3. Chantel

    Same here love that oversize thing. I missed u so badly Camz, keep on rocking that style okay? mwaaahhhhh….. :)

  4. Chantel

    Heya Camz, we have the same style of that leather Jacket, but different brand. Love it!! Nice photos and outfit awesomeness…. :)

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