VLOG: My Safari Experience In South Africa

One of the many reasons why I’ve always wanted to go to South Africa is because I wanted to go on a true South African safari. Ever since my close encounter with Thailand’s beautiful elephants, I’ve never really gotten over that high you get after seeing majestic animals in their natural environment. It makes you understand and appreciate them more–in a way no National Geographic documentary or zoo can ever do. It’s the most enriching experience ever which is why I’ve decided to dedicated a separate vlog for my own South African safari experience. I want you to see how beautiful all these animals are–how they react when you respect their space, how they move when you let them be and how they welcome you when you understand them.

P.S. More details about this game reserve and why I prefer it over national parks when my photo blog comes out!

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  1. Stephanie

    Which month did you visit the reserve? It has always been on my bucket list to go on a safari! Quite uncertain whether South Africa or Kenya would provide the best experience :$

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