VLOG: 5 Tips On Couple Fashion

We’ve come to the last of my love month series on the vlog! And unlike the first three vlogs Joni and I did, this one is actually useful and not just for laughs. Presenting, 5 tips on how you can take your couple OOTDs to the next level. Do you have an event to attend with your significant other? Or do you simply like to coordinate outfits because you’re cheesy like that? Whatever your reason is, I don’t judge. (I do it too.) You won’t see me shaking my head in disapproval–as long as you’re not dressed in the exact same shirt with the exact same gigantic logo.

Matching couple outfits don’t have to be obvious. There are plenty of subtle ways to do it. Ready to find out what they are? Watch my video below and follow my tips!

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  1. Eloisa Abella

    Love black on the two of you! King and queen 💗 but #akingcantbeakingwithouthisqueen hahaha

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