The Finale

When my first Olay Conversations campaign was released six months ago, I was on cloud nine. Fast forward to now, I still gush over being part of the roster of Olay women when people ask me about it. You see, as I’ve stated on my previous post, I admire all of them. They all represent […]


New On My Radar

There’s a new social network in town! Now before you roll your eyes and whine about how you can’t keep up with all these social networking websites popping and left and right, hear me out. I understand how you feel. I too love social networking but don’t like having to get to know and adjust to […]


Lenovo x Camille Co Chronicles Finale

It’s finally here, the last phase of my project with Lenovo! As you all know, I, together with young photographer Joseph Pascual and illustrator Valerie Chua, worked on this mini project to show how creative collaborations are brought to life through our Lenovo Touch PCs. Phase 1 started with me designing a special dress. Phase […]