Walk In My Shoes

Last year, I was asked by SnH Fashion if I can be the face of their new campaign that will be shot by photographer BJ Pascual. Since SnH is one of the many local shoe brands that I love working with and BJ is my favorite photographer, I naturally said yes. They’ve already released some […]


Lenovo x Camille Co Chronicles

I have an exciting mini project with Lenovo that I really want to share with all of you. Why? Because it’s an interactive one where your input is needed. Yes, YOU! So read up, participate and you just might get rewarded. So what is this project all about? This a a creative collaboration among myself, talented […]


Proud To Be An Olay Woman

I never thought of myself as textbook pretty. I was never that picture perfect girl–at least in my eyes (which is probably why you won’t find a lot of selfies on my Instagram.). Whenever I’d get complimented about my physical appearance, I always get uncomfortable and think they’re probably just saying that because they’re being […]