Lenovo x Camille Co Chronicles

I have an exciting mini project with Lenovo that I really want to share with all of you. Why? Because it’s an interactive one where your input is needed. Yes, YOU! So read up, participate and you just might get rewarded.

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So what is this project all about? This a a creative collaboration among myself, talented young photographer Joseph Pascual (@negapark on Twitter), my favorite illustrator Valerie Chua (@vinylrain on Twitter and @valerieannchua on Instagram) and as I’ve mentioned above, you. Basically, I will be designing and making a dress that I will model for an editorial that Joseph is shooting. Valerie will then create an illustration inspired by this editorial. All throughout this collaboration, we will show you how we use our Lenovo Touch products, share updates on how our project is going and ask inputs from you. Whoever gives the most valuable input throughout this entire process will be rewarded with his/her very own Lenovo Touch product! Just think, a brand new Lenovo Touch PC for 2014. What a way to start the year!


I’m definitely loving my Lenovo Touch PC. It’s my first ever touch screen desktop so I found it so cool when I tried it out the other day. I’m sure you’ll love it as well. If you want to win one, keep your eyes and ears peeled for updates on our project. Follow all our blogs, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as Lenovo’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because we’ll be using all these channels to update you on our project. Don’t be afraid to sound off and make sure to include the hashtags #Lenovo #CamilleChronicles when you do.


Ready for the first phase of Lenovo x Camille Co Chronicles? Here goes!


This is the design I came up with. I wanted to design a wedding gown that’s different from the usual big and heavy ball gowns–something for the modern woman who’s not afraid to go a bit sexy and unconventional while still being every bit the blushing bride.


I’ve already selected the materials for the gown–this beautiful lace fabric and charmeuse satin mixed with transparent beads and sequins. I would’ve loved to get your input on this but because this is a labor-intensive gown and we don’t have the luxury of time, I went ahead and started with production.


One by one, we put together strands of beads and sequins.


And carefully sewed them together to form the torso of the gown.


It’s coming together quite well.


We’re almost done, with only the finishing touches left. Here’s my first question to you. What do you think should our concept be for the editorial Joseph and I are shooting? Feel free to suggest hair, makeup and even locations! Sound off here or tag me and Lenovo on your social media channels if you’re feeling a bit more creative and you want to show a moodboard for example, or a peg, or anything that you think will help and inspire us for the shoot. In short, be our art director!


I’m looking forward to your ideas. ‘Til my next update!

70 Responses to “Lenovo x Camille Co Chronicles”
  1. Angela

    Aaaaaah. I hope to wear one of your designs in the future. I also hope I can get a discount hihihihi love you Camille!

  2. lyssa

    hi camille, want to know how and when well you learn to skitch/draw. Is it ur natural talent? I just LOVE ALL ABOUT YOU,

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Lyssa! I’ve always loved drawing but to draw a proper fashion figure, I learned that in fashion school:)

  3. Camille

    I know its late to suggest but i want to share my idea (pagpilitan)

    First,the wedding gown is elegant, classic and modern.. Super like Xd.

    Perfect for place for photoshoot is on ferari world,abu dhabi, uae.. Modern and class.. Omg..

    Gusto ko din,Wear my wedding gown on that place.. My pre-nuptial..

  4. Rej

    This may sound silly, but what if you would have the peg of being a runaway-bride? Well, that’s dramatic though! Hahaha! Or a killer bride (no I don’t mean the literal killer), I mean the peg. You have blood in some parts of your gown/body and a fake wound and holding some kind of a knife. Hahahaha! Oh my gosh enough! Btw, thanks for reading though! LOL :)

    • Camille Co

      Killer bride? Gosh I don’t have the heart to make the gown dirty LOL! :)

  5. Ann

    THE PEG.~

    1st idea: ART GALLERY
    i can picture you posing infront of Eugenia Alcaide’s masterpieces but I don’t think it would be possible. (i googled it but i dont think she has an open gallery for her works) For an art gallery vibrant, how about making Lola Cafe + Bar in Quezon City your location? white walls + lights + frames. :))

    2nd idea: GARDEN
    Garden options: Paco Park, Legaspi Park, Salcedo Park, etc.
    On the wide grass, there is this antique foldable divider to add oomph. You can make that divider your props. OR instead of divider, colorful big blocks of different sizes scattered on the ground. Yung blocks na pwede mu upu-an. Tas doon ka magda-drama. Hehe!
    Hair: high ponytail

    3rd idea: GOLF COURSE
    You can have the divider/blocks idea here too.
    What if you’ll have a giant chess board here? To balance the white/black color, your props must be colorful. (balloons,or flowers,or bubbles,etc) Tas your hair is curled a little. Make-up is sweet-looking.

    3rd idea: LIBRARY
    Somewhat ‘Taylor Swift’s The Story of Us MV’ style. This can be achieved inside a real library of even in a certain bookstore. Let’s say Fully Booked.
    Hair: messy-look bun (because you’re “reading”)
    Smile: Subtle
    Optional: Books which has pages with flowers on them will be opened and placed on the floor. OR
    music boxes scattered around to add drama. (charr)

    Your background will be sewing mannequin with tape measure on it, sewing mannequin with unfinished dress on it, sewing machine, mirror, other sewing-related objects which are ‘neatfully cluttered’. Your drama here is you’re trying to fit the dress. This also portrays ‘womanhood’ or ‘working woman’. I think your hair must not be tied and you need to have soft little curls from the roots up to the end? hmmm. If you don’t like your own hair to be curled, use a wig.

    You’re in a somewhat dimmed room sitiing on a swing-like chair or piano chair. There are lots of dry ice on the floor to create smoky effect. There is an ice-looking floor. (or fake ice?) You can still have flowers but make sure the dominant color is blue/silver/winter-related. :D

    peeew! Teeheee! :’))

    • Camille Co

      Oh wow! I love these ideas! You really thought hard!!! Thank you Ann!

  6. Grace

    congrats :)))) i knew it LENOVO IS A COMPUTER something like that because the computer in school are lenovo and when i saw this title i was like what is the related to fashion and the lenovo haha..and then i read it and i was like AHHHHHHH CONGRATS MS CAMILLE <3


    • Camille Co

      Thanks Grace! Super honored to be working with such a prestigious brand :)

  7. Tayme Canencia

    I really love the beige color and lace you chose for the gown, with all those sparkles, its breathtaking. The first thing that comes to my mind on the actual and finished gown was a Goddess. This will definitely suit the Greek Gods and Goddesses theme that would make the woman wearing the gown a stunning Queen. The place to shoot that I would highly suggest will be the classic Roman Era, with elegant diamonds and golds, white huge rocks, buildings, structures, anything unusual from the modern time. And that lenovo would take this classic style into the modern world. And that even if we stick to the old culture and designs, lenovo can still take us anywhere to the modern world. I can’t wait to see this if you choose this theme!

  8. annn

    Hi! Congrats to be in a great project! ;) Thanks for this post, i now know how stressful & meticulous making a gown like that. I will never question anymore why couture is pricey. May i ask how many hours did u put all those tiny beads on strings? And how many assistants do u have? Im just curious.hehe!

    Anyway, i have endless ideas for the concept, theme, location, etc. And i cant explain it here. Where can we formally submit our ideas? Thinking bout it makes me excited! :D (though i know ull still consider countless suggestions) teeheee. :3 ;))

    • Camille Co

      Thank youuuu! You can submit them here! :) Don’t worry about the lengthiness. :) 3 people worked on this and it took them more than a week!

  9. carizza

    waaaaaa!!! i wanna be a Camille Co bride. You are really awesome and im speechless about your designing skills. amazing! <3

  10. Angeli

    Is it just me who envisions this as a winter wonder land (ala FROZEN)? You know, white snow, fur, Ms. Camille blonde… *sighs* That would be a dream.

    Or maybe something like a lake with a gazebo and twinkling lights…

  11. Reena

    Winter Wonderland and peg ng dress for me… pero not just any ordinary winter wonderland, parang maganda pag na capture ang effect ng beads… It’s like falling snow in slow motion na captured in stills. She has to look like a Snow Queen na super elegant pero innocent. A woman who finally found her true love. Cguro sa lighting… soft, ethereal, romantic. :)

  12. Joan Macawili

    First off, this collab with Lenovo is amazing, it would be an awesome opportunity to interact with you guys in this process. I’m a fan of valerie chua, I adore her and I’m jealous of how she is able to produce watercolor works of art. Needless to say, I love your work as well. I think both your works exude ethereal beauty and sophistication and I’m very much looking forward to how joseph pascual will be able to translate that into his own art. I think Lenovo couldn’t have chosen anybody better to collaborate with.

    Second, let me just say what a stunning dress! Even though you just gave us peeks of the dress I’m already in love with the details. I covet it! I have to find someone to marry soon just so I could get you to design my wedding dress, hahaha. You definitely got the subtle sexy right. The intricate beadwork reminds me of your favorite from the pronovias line (gorgeous dresses! Gorgeouuuuusss!). I’m thinking this dress exudes that sophistication and old world charm but with a modern flair.

    If I’m going to suggest a concept, I could see you, with that dress in a desert, like sa Paoay sand dunes, with killer out-of-this-world shoes, hair up with intense smoky makeup. Just you, the dress and the sand, dramatic diba? Pero madudumihan yung dress! Lol. @.@

    Or you can also go old world slash futuristic, with old world hair and make-up but with glass/mirror accessories with alien-like shoes and glass everywhere… You could shoot it in an all glass building. That would be perfect especially since the collab is for Lenovo and they’re bringing glass technology to the next level.

    But whatever concept you guys will use, I’m sure you’ll come up with an awesome editorial. Excited to see the outcome. :-)

    • Camille Co

      Oh wow!! That glass idea is so unique! I wish we have a location like that that would allow is to shoot!! Thank you Joan!

  13. Zia Dadis

    I’m hoping that Lenovo will actually play a big part in this project, aside from you know, being there.
    With that said, I love your designs. I particularly love the one in the video (0:55-0:58). It’s actually my first time dropping by your blog, and I must say it is worth the time.
    As for the question, I think a rooftop/helipad would be the perfect place for the shoot. Preferably late morning or afternoon, when the sun is blazing hot and it makes the dress sparkle (I feel bad for the model, but ’tis for fashion. :]]) For the makeup, I’d like to concentrate on makeup. Light smokey eye, earth palette, but it has to be bright and alluring. For the blush, peach would be the perfect tone for her. Not too eye-catching. Never forget the highlighter and not too much bronzer. For the lips, light shimmer or lip gloss. I’m still torn with the color, since I’m torn between the bitten look or the classic pink kissable lips. Either way, I think it would be beneficial to the shoot that it wouldn’t be too flashy. Just enough to stand out and make the look put together.
    For the accessories, dangling earrings and that big long bracelet with gold and silver accent (no pun intended). Hopefully, victorian-inspired because your design gives off that kind of vibe.
    For the shoes, an open heels with gold and silver accents.
    Reason why I chose the rooftop/helipad is because I think it would look perfect for the shoot. It would definitely make the model stand out. Plus, the view looks good blurred! That dreamy effect is GAHHHH. :]]

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Zia! I think it’ll play a bigger part when it’s Joseph’s turn :) Love the suggestion and the contrast between the gown and the rugged helipad

  14. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    Hi Miss Camille!!! Your designs are elegant, modern and chic.. I falling in love with it!. im planning to get married next year and I have this silly dream that I can have you as my designer,.. I gotta save up for my wedding dress.. ive been experimental with fashion and I want to be a rebellious bride, and not wear the traditional bridal gown!!! for sue, this dress would be wonderful!!! more power!

    • Camille Co

      Thank you! I’d love to design for a rebellious bride! Something different! How exciting! :)

  15. Anne

    Wooow! The gown looks gorgeous even only with these little snippets. Cams can you be my wedding designer? Please,please please. But there’s no groom yet so it has got to wait. LOL. But seriously your designing skills are epic! I wish to meet you in person. Hopefully, I don’t faint! >.<


  16. Hazel Ann Cuarez Asoy

    The story would be like, the girl has been through a lot of tough times because of the different challenges that she faced during the past years in her life.
    But, a man came into her life and he changes everything. He changes her perspective in life. He removes all the negativeness in the woman’s heart.
    The first scene will show the dark side of the life of the girl. It needs to be an emotional scene and the ruins will be a perfect place to show it.
    Then, the man will come and he will ask the girl to come with him. Little by little, the scene will change. So, they will walk towards the exit of the ruins and it will turn out that they are walking to the isle while the girl wears the awesome dress designed by Camille :)

  17. My Nguyen

    I’m amazed by your designing skills!
    They look like master pieces :)
    Wish I could draw like you (a)
    The dress looks stunning Camille!
    Have a merry christmas ;)

  18. Naaj Rona

    Wedding gown filled with lace and beads, so romantic. I think the hair should be a loose messy side bun so all the details of the dress can be seen. The make up should be light, either peach or light pink lips and cheeks or nude lips. The location maybe an open space like a meadow or may be a beach ( not a crowded one please) or maybe an deserted island

  19. Gala

    Wow, i’m really impressed! Ang GANDA ng gown– wish kong masuot haha!! AT uber mahal sa materyales pa lang :-) So i guess hand-wash lang yan, noh?? yan din gusto ko nga tanungin.. washing tips for those kind of dresses.

    To think magaling ka naman pero gusto mo pa rin input namin.. hmm..!! :-)

    Um.. Windows-based ba ang Lenovo??

    Thanx and more power!!

  20. Christine

    You’re an inspiration! :) I hope someday I will find my passion :) Keep rocking!!!! (nice gadgets you have out there)

  21. JE

    pronovias! :) or winter wonderland peg, parang icy ang beadwork ng damit..tapos up-do princess-y ang hairstyle

  22. maebs

    I inlove with your designs. I love wedding gowns that are sexy. :) merry christmas and happy holidays ate cams! :)

  23. Ren

    I think it won’t be an old school if you just merely use pencil and paper because there’s no techie that could beat knowledge in art & designing except you, yourself. Drawing mo palang, panalo na! What more pa tong nasa harap mo na ang masterpiece mo? ;)

      • Lourine

        Ooh. Here is my suggestion. If aabot pa. Hehe. Since your design is modern but you want to make it still for a blushing bride, sana modern baroque. For hopeless romantic (or is it just me) fairytale wedding would be on top of the list but since hindi siya ball gown type, maganda i-shoot sa antique Churches for traditional wedding and many churches in the country naman are baroque-inspired :)

  24. Jilly

    It would be nice if you would shoot it in like a gazebo with lots of crystals? :P Nice Design Camille! :)

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