Camille Co For Cole Vintage Holiday Collection

Ho ho ho! I have plenty of gifts for you before 2013 ends. After Camille Co For Tomato (#CamilleCoForTomato) catered to the trendy college girls and yuppies, GTW Soiree x Camille Co (#GTWSoireeXCamilleCo) for the teens, Camille Co For Romwe (#CamilleCoXRomwe) for the fashion-forward set, now comes another special design collaboration. This time for the mature, sophisticated and classy women. I present to you Camille Co For Cole Vintage Holiday Collection (#CamilleCoForColeVintage). This exclusive collection features my signature flair for femininity.  With women of all shapes and sizes in mind, the collection marries minimalism with graceful fluid lines. The colors that I used are bold but not over the top, festive yet everyday-appropriate. That’s the perfect description for this collection actually–festive yet everyday-appropriate. These are pieces you won’t just wear on the holidays  and then put away. Each piece is a definite accent piece to add to your wardrobe and each of them are here to stay–to be worn over and over again.


Chica dress – available in red, blue (in photo) and black | Embellished sandals coming soon (these will be available in gold and silver)

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Camilla dress – available in red (in photo) and blue


Round bag coming soon (it can be carried this way or as a body bag)


Corazon tunic – available in red and blue (in photo)


Ribbon sandals coming soon (these will be available in black and white)


Top and skirt – available in red (in photo) and blue Bag coming soon



Clarisa dress – available in blue (in photo) and red (with gray)


Dress – available in red (in photo) and black (with white lace)

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Photos by Joseph Pascual

The Camille Co For Cole Vintage Holiday Collection is exclusively available at Cole Vintage branches located at The Ramp Glorietta, The Ramp Shangri-la Plaza Mall, The Ramp Trinoma, SM Makati, SM North Edsa, SM Mall Of Asia, SM Aura, SM BF Paranaque, and at The Podium Mall.  Visit Cole Vintage’s website for more info or to shop online.  For inquires and other updates, follow Cole Vintage on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Christine Koay

    Such a gorgeous design, Ms Camille! My favourite would be the Camilla dress.. and it’s so nice seeing you collaborating with brands.. =)

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Christine! I’m lucky to be given these opportunities :)

  2. Erika

    Hi Camille! I really like your style. you’re so fab! anyway stay gorgeous!!!

  3. Mary

    Hi Camille! fab fab designs! :) did you also come up with the designs of the bags here? Or these are Cole Vintage bags that are not part of your line? Anyway, stay gorg!!!

  4. Kat

    Hi Camille! I’ve only met you last August during your Meet & Greet at Tomato Glorietta but it has only been a couple of months and now you come a looooong waaaay :))) I’m such a proud fan! I always knew you’d make it big. I hope you’ll stay simple, humble, and kind. And I hope to meet you again one day. Congratulations! More to 2014! :)

  5. Pat Hernandez

    I’ll say this again. TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!! I love this collection, even if I’m just 21. But I admit, I am more excited with the bags & shoes. hehehe.

    Happy New Year, Miss Camille! It was nice meeting you! :)

    Patricia :)
    aka the girl from Laguna who was bringing 2 big bags in BU6 & the girl with the “Big fan ako ni Camille Co” pin (post mo na sa Instagram. please? :) ) & also the girl who’s planning to make the “Camille Co only” box :)

    PS. nung nagpakulay ka ng hair, feeling ko ang luma na ng picture natin :(
    nagpafull bangs na pala ako! HAHAHA :)))
    okay lang ba na itag kita sa twitter/instagram kapag sinuot ko ung mga binili ko sa booth mo? :)

    • Camille Co

      Sure! Tag me! :) I’ll post the pin one of these days :) Thank you for all your support Pat! And again, for traveling all the way to BU :)

  6. AJ

    Gorgeous designs, love that red dress. Just wondering, how do you normally get the process started on these collabs, do you contact the brands or it it the other way round?

    • Camille Co

      Oh I never contact them, I’m too shy! Of course they come to me and propose collabs :)

  7. Joan

    Hi Camille, I always enjoy viewing your posts. All so inspiring. Wondering tho if the red dress(last picture) with black lace trimmings is still available? Viewed their page and couldnt find that particular dress. Thanks!

    • Camille Co

      Yes it is :) I think it’s still in production but maybe you can inquire about pre-ordering :)

  8. Grace

    I love the the top and skirt , Camilla and clarisa . they are so pretty.well, they all look good:)

  9. maebs

    Amazing designs. Camilla dress is one of my favorite. sana next year, you will have a lots of collaborations pa din. :)

  10. Isa Reynoso

    Everything’s pretty!!! I covet <3 I got my eyes set on the black and beige bag with ribbon, soooo lovely <3 does it come in other colors as well? :)

  11. denisevhianca

    So many #CamilleCoFor…. hashtags hahaha! I bet 2013 is your year!!:) :)
    I love all the desugns, btw. You so great & blessed :)

  12. Ren

    The Camilla dress made you bloom so much most especially the shade of your hair shine brighter = perfect combination (insert classy) The red dress is supeerr vintage!! I can’t take this anymore, I want them all! hahah ;)

  13. Steph Sison

    Wooooowww! (my jaw dropped) I love ’em all! Ganda ng dress+ Ganda ng model= PERFECT!

    • Steph Sison

      When I first saw you, I thought you were Korean, then I saw your name, ah Chinese pala. But your pictures here, you look like Japanese. Daming nationalities.. hehe..

      • Camille Co

        Hah madami nga! LOL! It’s usually Korean or Japanese when I go abroad. :)

  14. Camille

    I love how the Camilla dress matches your hair! With that fierce expression, you look like a girl on fire! :)

  15. Ayra

    Whoa! Those red dresses! Super stunning.
    I’m in love with the 1st and 2nd red ones – especially the 2nd one.
    That’s a very interesting hemline. :)

    And as usual, you look great in them. :)

  16. Marichelle R. Sayaang

    woow! ;) very pretty dresses and model… I love these dresses so much… vintage yet still in a modern way..hahah confusing… I really like vinatge dresses, the cuts, the silhouette…..the color, the texture…..I’m drooling….^^ hahha

  17. christine

    hi Ms. Camille, you always complete my day with your soooo pretty post on your blog.

    by the way, how much po ung top and skirt?

    merry christmas! :)

  18. Hazel Joy A. Jimenez

    OMG!!! im drooling with delight!!! these clothes are so pretty.. Miss Camille, you’re an epitome of class and sophistication!! Your blog really inspires be to be that girl who is classy and always well put together!! Congrats for this collaboration! Surely it will be a success!

  19. Naaj Rona

    The chica dress is really beautiful and you look like a princess in it only a floral crown is missing :) it actually lightens your hair colour as well. I think I have to start saving for that dress, I really like it

  20. Raxelle

    Wow…the first photo was breathtaking! Sobrang ganda..di ko na mabilang ang mga outfit posts mo na favorite ko..and now that blue dress is definitely on the list now.. Sana meron nitong store here in our place..can we purchase this online? May i ask also, how tall are you Camille? Thanks for the reply.. A joyous Christmas to you! :))

    • Camille Co

      Thank youuu :) Yes you may order it online :) I’m 5’7″ but these samples were made longer yata for me for the shoot :)

  21. Ly

    Hi Cams! you changed your hair color? Thinking of changing mine to reddish purple too then I saw your hair’s shade.(1st and 2nd photos) :)

    • Camille Co

      Although I love this red shade I changed my hair color now to a lighter one. :)

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