Walking On Skeletons


I seem to have a lot of backlogs, don’t I? Here’s another one. I was a little lazy to comb my then copper-colored hair so I messily tied it up in a high bun. Unlike my usual donut bun, a small and super high bun like this looks effortlessly quirky and cute, at least in my opinion. I think it made my outfit look a bit more fun than edgy.


The top I’m wearing here is one of the many striped clothes I have in my closet. This is the latest addition to my collection. I snapped it up from WAGW when I went to Cebu. It’s just so comfy and snug, I couldn’t resist! Bonus points because it’s cropped so I can easily match it with cute high-waist bottoms like the one I’m wearing here.


This skirt is one of my all-time favorites from Apartment 8. It’s your usual bodycon skirt in jersey except it has an extra special ruffle hem in leather. So cute!


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Charlie sunnies


WAGW top | Apartment 8 skirt


Goody StayPut elastic (hair)


SM Accessories gold and black necklace 


Watch Factory Casio watch 


Celine bag | The Lyra Shoppe peace ring


Pill pumps

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144 Responses to “Walking On Skeletons”
  1. Sheila Hernandez

    your sooo adorable!i really luurrvveee your fashion..that bag is my dream bag,hope to have that soon!!

  2. Angel Sinsay

    Ate Camille, what shade po ng lippie ang gamit nyo here? you always look good, simply pretty! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Angel! :) I think one of my red lippies na I featured sa Beauty Loot post ko :)

  3. Kim Capeña

    you went shopping here in Cebu ate Camille? SEXY KAAYO KA ANI :))

  4. Jevey Anne R. Resco

    Isa na to sa favorite look ko from you! :) Sobrang attractive lang talaga ng stripes diba? Pati rin kasi ako maraming stripes na top hahaha. Sorry closet ;))))) Anyway ate camille, are you following back on twitter?

    Take care! :)

  5. Shekinah Mae

    Hi Camille! I am a big fan.. I love how you experiment on yourself and yet get this amazing and unique look.. You inspire me and helped me to be more fashionable.. I look forward on meeting you! Godbless;))))

          • Naaj Rona

            I’m in love with those heels… Can’t get my eyes off them. Please, will you be kind enough to tell me where you got the, from because they r a killer


  6. Tracy

    Hi miss Camille! Long-legged legs, Sexy body, Fair Skin and beautiful face. That was you! kahit anong isuot mo bagay sayo. ganda! what’s your beauty secret? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Aww thanks Tracy! I have no beauty secret haha! Maybe just take good care of yourself :)

  7. Dona

    Uber nice top and that peek-of-a-torso right there. Always a fun wear.

    Wait… Like those heels are about to break!!! Super cool though. Hope I get the backbone to rock those pumps. I always had this joke whenever I see those kind of shoes in department stores, “Perfect! Pang-marathon ko lang to!”

  8. Charisse Roa

    From that bun down to your killer heels, everything looks perfect! Your shades reminds me of Lady GaGa :D I’m missing your hair color before on these photos :(

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Charisse! :) Don’t worry, it’ll come back in a year maybe haha!

  9. Liezl

    Hi Camille first time ko mgcomment but I always read your blog,. Grabe super sexy mo, lhat ng outfit mo ang gaganda. Gsto ko nga gayahin pra sa baby ko, I want her to become fashionista baby like you. Hehe…..

  10. Sephie Rojas

    I can feel Lady Gaga being channelled through those heels @__@ That striped cropped top looks so comfy and chic; it shows off your figure really well with the skirt! :3

  11. Ville

    Hello Camille :) you look super rich due to your gold accessories though i know are super rich already (no need to tell)….hehe!
    stay pretty always….

    • itscamilleco

      Cool photos! I didn’t know there was such as thing as ego bloggers. I think I’d like to fight this new term they coined. I don’t like the sound of it and kind of has a negative connotation, at least in my opinion :)

  12. Ava

    You’re soo cute and sexy Ms. Camille!:) Hindi ba mainit yung top given the tropical weather we have? And the heels, very unique!! (oha! ang sipag ko na magcomment, hehe!)

    • itscamilleco

      The knits are loose naman and so light :) Thanks Ava! Dapat masipag talaga! :)

  13. Ermie

    I super love your style. Classy and chic! keep up the good work and continue to be an inspiration, Ms. Camille. :)

  14. sweet_honeydew

    Your hair is so cute! I love the necklace piece too, great design. And whoa, skeleton heels? That’s my first time ever seeing them but they are definitely funky looking that it suits this sort of edgy playful look!

  15. Sharmaine

    love the sunnies and the skirt :)

    just wonderin’ if what camera are u using whenever your travelling??

  16. Lauren

    Gorgeous outfit, love the skirt and jumper, shoes are gorgeous, and you are stunning as ever


  17. jhay-cee

    This is one of my favorite look of yours. So edgy, punk and sexy. :) and the heels, it’s a “killer heels”, so high. and love the shade also. Amazing look Miss Cams. :)

    xoxo jhaycee

  18. carla

    your heels reminds me of a vertebrae. :) your outfit is edgy but I don’t know why when you wear something like this it still looks feminine and that sunglasses reminds me of Beetles time.haha :D

  19. Patricia C.

    Sobrang bagay lahat sayo. Love your posts especially pag may sunnies ka. Lakas ng arrive!

    • itscamilleco

      Naks! Lakas ng arrive?! Haha! Too funny! Thanks patricia!

  20. Cazzy

    Camille! Kyaaa~ another awesomeness post! (^_^) My friends and I are going to have our second photo shoot this Saturday — ikaw inspiration namin teehee (^3^) More gorgeous outfits!!!

  21. rose

    Great Look. Sexy mo. hehe. One of my fave looks of yours. Stay Sexy And Beautiful. :))

  22. Moi Contre La Vie

    Love this skirt! I bought it earlier this year and have been trouble styling it for daytime looks so thank you very much for the fabulous fashion inspiration! :)

  23. judy

    So stunning and beautifully cool! I love your outfit from head to toe. Woah -.-

  24. Karen Lutao

    I love the look sooo much!!!! You’re so pretty Miss Camille. :3 Is the WAGW top available on their website? :)

  25. maebs

    sooo edgy ate Cams! you always pull your outfit off! :) BTW, ate Cams, my sister told me that you are so good in making your title. :)

    • itscamilleco

      Oh really? I though I was kinda boring haha! Thanks Maebs!

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