Without Limits

Officially 2 months away from my unicorn hair’s first anniversary! LOL. I remember when I first started dreaming about coloring my hair like this. I had so many apprehensions for the longest time. What if I don’t find the right stylist? What if it doesn’t suit me? What if the bleach and hair dye ruin my hair? What if it turns out to be a mess? What if, what if, what if.

Well, you don’t get anywhere in life with “what ifs” now, do you? So I took the plunge and did it. 10 months after, I still think it’s one of my best hair transformations ever. (For those who object, don’t speak now and please do forever hold you peace.)

So how do I do it? How do I maintain my hair? How do I keep my hair alive and kicking? It’s no big secret really. I’m just constantly on the lookout for products that can bring back my hair’s shine, smoothness and nutrients. The winner? Pantene 3 Minute Miracle.

I first got to use this baby 2 years ago when I did a project with Pantene in Singapore. It’s supposed to repair 3 months worth of hair damage in just 3 minutes. I know it sounds too good to believe, but I kid you not. Pantene 3MM better repairs hair damage by penetrating the hair’s inner core and repairing it from deep within. This means it not only provides damage care but helps prevent hair fall too–making sure hair is stronger and healthier.

Of course with all these benefits and intense care, you might think Pantene 3 Minute Miracle can be heavy on your hair. How else can it pack in so much, right? Wrong. This is actually one of the reasons why I love Pantene 3MM so much. It moisturizes my hair without the heaviness so my hair still gets that much needed volume and flows freely all the time. (More hair flip shots!)

And that’s not all, Pantene 3MM does all these without ruining your hair color. Just look at my hair in all its unicorn glory! Color all you want, Pantene is here to help you achieve your dream hair–hair that is stronger, more beautiful and without limits–so that you (yes you!) can look effortless good, anytime.

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13 Responses to “Without Limits”
  1. Tanya

    Hi Camille! You are my hair goals!! <3 Btw, I'm planning a trip to Bohol and I was wondering what resort do you think is better, Hennan or Amorita?

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Tanya! You can’t really compare the two. Henann is a huge resort while Amorita is more of a boutique hotel. So it really depends on what you’re looking for :)

  2. Elizabeth T.

    I love your unicorn hair so much! I’ve been wanting to color my hair for the longest time now (though maybe I’ll start with something a little less drastic haha), but I’ve always hesitated because I’m afraid of the damage Thank you so much for sharing about Pantene’s great products to keep hair healthy! I’m still doing a bit of research before I officially take the plunge, but definitely keeping this Pantene treatment in mind! <3 :)

    XO, Elizabeth

    • Camille Co

      Or keep it in rotation with a few other products :) Do it!!!!

  3. Chai Chen

    Sobrang nakakaloka rin maka-damage ang color ng hair kaya buti may mga products that you try and share with us na talagang effective. Damaged na hair ko. Hopefully I can recover pa rin with this hehe :) Ang ganda ng damit mo! Ansaveh ng door? LOL. :p So cute dear! Laveeeet!

    How are you now? Hope you’re doing well. You know, I just recently got back from long blog hiatus and have just redesigned my blog. Now I’m writing again and reconnecting with long time blogger friends like you. Hope you’re ok dear! Keep in touch!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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    • Camille Co

      That’s good to hear!!! Your comments have been missed for sure! :) Hair damage talaga is the worst. But good thing we have conditioners and treatments like this to save us <3

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