Swimsuit City

Living in a tropical country has made me an expert on hot weather dressing so styling for Singapore weather is a piece of cake. When I went to the Lion City some time last June, I was determined to beat the heat in every way possible–including wearing my swimsuit out in the city. Don’t worry, I wasn’t showing my bum for all the world to see. I paired my Soak Swimwear onesie with a pencil skirt and kept it summer-ready by throwing in a straw hat and comfortable slides. My main priority was to keep my back free of any fabric. (Hate back sweat.) My swimsuit with its low cut back seemed like the perfect choice… well at least until it came to using the toilet and I had to rush out of it to pee. Nature is cruel like that.

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Alehop hat Soak Swimwear swimsuit | H&M skirt Chanel bag Zara slides

68 Responses to “Swimsuit City”
  1. Chantel :)

    Don’t do it bcoz indeed a struggle one. I remember i did that back when i was in nyc,wearing 1 piece and a short at the same time i have to remove everything before i can pee.(TIIS GANDA) LOL!!!!

  2. jmisabel

    Such a cute summer look. Simple, yet flattering to the body. And I’m sure you were very comfortable the whole time. Such a time-saver too! One minute you’re out and about strolling around, the next, you’re ready to just jump into the pool. XD

    • Camille Co

      Yes! Especially when the heat is too much and you need to dive into the pool!

  3. Hannah Samson

    This outfit is perfect for travelling, very light and it looks chic.

  4. clara_banana21

    Wow! Super love your styles. Love the idea of wearing your swimsuit and paired with that pencil skirt. I’m in love with the overall outfit. How I wish I could have your brain when it comes to fashion. Slaying all the photos and the place is so wonderful.

    xoxo… clara_banana21
    All the love!

  5. Charm

    I wish I could pull off that outfit. Haha you look great by the way ate Camille! 😍😍

  6. Katrin Tuaño

    Laveeet! It doesn’t look like swimsuit at all! Too me, it looks like you’re wearing a sophosticated white top. Nasa nagdadala talaga. ❤

  7. Eloisa Abella

    I’d love to see you wear a onesie with a pair of jeans 😊

  8. Jessica Jordan

    I’ve been thinking of doing it but then I realized wala pa ko onepiece nyaha. I always love the idea of showing off your back. 😍 hirap nga lang magwiwi pag ganto supt mo hahaha

    • Camille Co

      Oh gosh, this is my mom’s. She doesn’t even remember buying it haha!

  9. demisensei

    If I’m not mistaken, a lot of people might have already told you that you really look like a Barbie. So perfect from head to toe. Really! <3

  10. Mirzi Vivien

    That is so cute. And very perfect for summer. I will try to do that with my monokini too when going out. 😍💖

  11. Dyan

    I’ve been considering wearing my onesies paired with skirt or jeans, but… how the heck do i pee then? Haha. Should i take off everything?🤔

  12. Gayle

    Simple yet elegant. I wish I can wear a similar outfit out here in Cebu. Lol

  13. Chai Chen

    Ang cute mo talaga hehehe. I love those with low cut back style rin. Love how you styled it like a regular day clothing. So chic and fab!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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  14. roseday

    love the color combination…

    coz’ its already summer here sa pinas, do you have any suggestions on where to buy “budget friendly” one piece swimsuits?coz’ we will be having our department tour in Palawan and wala pa akong swimwear na pang OOTD..hahaha..

    thanks a lot!!

    thanks <3<3

    • Camille Co

      So many online stores are good! Soak Swimwear, Eighth Mermaid, Beyond The Beach :)

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