Come To My Meet And Greet!

As you all know, my capsule collection for Tomato was supposed to be released at selected Tomato branches last August 21. But due to the recent calamity, it was impossible to push through with this schedule. I’m sure you all understand the need for this delay. Safety must come first! On the brighter side, I’ve gotten […]


V Is For Violet, V Is For Vios

Why do I look like I’m ready to party so early in the day? It’s because I am! Just kidding. I’m no party animal–at least not when the sun is still out. I wore this outfit because I planned to attend the Vios Vibe party that night. I heard there were a lot of DJs […]


Collection Is Here!

You’ve probably already heard this but I’ll announce it again anyways. UK’s most fashionable makeup brand, Collection, is finally in the Philippines!!!! Woohoo!! And guess who’s one of the brand ambassadors for Collection? She’s none other than the girl in the mirror! LOL! How dramatic. This is me, hours before the Colour Out Loud party, […]


Palauet Albéniz

Back to my posts about my trip to Europe last month! After the Pronovias Fashion Show, I attended their exclusive after party just across MNAC at the Palauet Albéniz. The Palace is sooooooooo beautiful! I was told that this is where the King stays whenever he’s in Barcelona. Upon entering the palace grounds, we had to walk […]


EMODA TouchMe Fashion Show

I’m on a roll! From one fashion show to another, I’m taking a break from posting about the rest of my Euro trip to give you a little taste of what I went to Tokyo for, a few weeks back. Gasp! Is that a photo of not just one, but two Pinay bloggers at a […]


Pronovias 2014 Collection: First Love

As promised, here’s the main event of my Pronovias experience–the most romantic fashion show I’ve ever watched: Pronovias‘ 2014 collection entitled First Love. It took me 3 days to gather and edit these photos. This is the reason why I haven’t blogged for a few days. I put so much work into this–all 121 photos, […]


Bloggers United 5: Sneak Peek

I can’t believe we’re already on the 5th installment of Bloggers United. How time flies! Can I expect you there? I’m selling tons of my preloved stuff again. You know me, I don’t skimp on the goods. LOL! I always bring my entire closet, if not house, with me, remember? If the past four Bloggers […]


Pronovias Backstage Brunch

The long wait is over! It’s time to blog about my recent trip to Europe. If you remember, I mentioned that I was flying back to Barcelona for Pronovias‘ 2014 show. When I finally arrived at my hotel, look at what I found in my room–golden flowers and a letter from Pronovias. I wish I […]


Reporting For Duty

Camille Co, reporting for duty! I didn’t really notice it at first but my cap actually matches my camou top, doesn’t it? I can pretend to give first aid care. Although I doubt anyone would trust me with their health problems, especially in an outfit like this. Yes, you’re eyes are not deceiving you. I […]


Square Peg In A Round Hole

Yes. I am indeed mid-skip when this photo taken. I just thought I’d try it out. LOL! A for effort? Bonus points for trying? Anyone? Please? *puppy dog eyes* *sad pout* *starts to beg* I just wanted to change things up a bit so that you wouldn’t get bored but okay, fine. Let’s stick to […]