Wish I Was There

Oh how I wish I was with my friends last Closeup Forever Summer. Instead, I was miles away in Singapore for work as they danced to the beats of Angus and Julia Stone, Martin Garrix, Nix Damn P with Motherbass and more. I actually thought I’d be able to attend the festival. I even had my outfit ready weeks before! But work beckoned and plans changed. I’ll just show you what would’ve been my Closeup Forever Summer outfit instead to ease my pain a little.

You see, I’ve always been present at the previous Closeup Forever Summer music festivals so I definitely knew what I was missing. That and I spent the entire night stalking my friends’ Instagram accounts. Boy, did it look fun! If you’re one of the many who got to enjoy this year’s festival, lucky you! I’m sure it was one hell of a night! My Closeup barkada sent me photos from the night and they looked crrrrazy! I thought I’d include some for you to see as well. WILD!

Goody gold hair accessory | Topshop tunic Topshop cropped top | She Inside shorts | Zara sandals

29 Responses to “Wish I Was There”
  1. maebs

    I’m in love with your outfit it is so beautiful. :) you look more like a fairy than a boho chic :)

  2. Maica

    Gosh! Love your boho outfit! <3 Ha! I thought you were there too at the Summer Close Up Fest because that would totally break my heart for the second time around because if you were there, my crush will get to see you again while I haven't even seen you, ever! I was really in a bad state of mood that time while telling myself that ah, he was so lucky to see you again. But I hope you don't mind that I feel a bit of relieved in my heart that you weren't there, I was suppose to go there too but I have work that time. I think Summer Close Up Fest Sounds so much fun~ Maybe I'll go there next year and hopefully finally get to meet you~ :D

    • Camille Co

      Haha! I don’t mind :) Don’t worry! There will be a next time!

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