Outdoor Fitness Camp With Roxy

It’s no secret that whenever I’m at the beach, I just laze around all day and stare into the sunset. All that hard work I put into achieving a fit physique immediately goes down the drain because I just eat, sleep, sunbathe, repeat. But at Roxy’s Outdoor Fitness Girls Camp, it’s the opposite. We did so many activities like learning how to perform poi and play the ukelele, dancing zumba, doing yoga and bootcamp exercises, surfing and more that I actually went home stronger and fitter than ever. Roxy took me on a unique beach adventure and brought out the inner fitness junkie in me. It was such a great experience, different from the usual but one that I’d definitely repeat in a heartbeat.

P.S. The first Roxy Outdoor Fitness Girls Camp was held at Crystal Beach, Zambales last March 6-8. It might turn into an annual thing so make sure to keep a lookout for it if you want to join the next one. Follow Roxy Philippines on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Roxy cap and bikini

22 Responses to “Outdoor Fitness Camp With Roxy”
  1. maebs

    i think po it is not just your inner junkie that is brought out po pati po sa pagiging musician. :) It is hard to play ukulele?

  2. Mary Ann

    More than the activities you posted Miss Camille, I enjoyed you stolen and funny shots more! You are really head-turner. So sexy and beautiful in all your shots.

  3. Anne

    Oh wow this surely looks like a really fun activity Cams! I’ve always wanted to try a boot camp and I think this one is pretty close to it… beach variant perhaps? Whatever it is it looks great and I love your swimsuits! I particularly like the printed one piece.


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