You know what’s irresistible? Sales. End of season sales of my favorite stores–Mango included. Just when I decided I’ll be taking a hiatus from shopping, sales just keep popping up left and right. Oh my poor wallet, I guess it’s going on a diet. (Hey, that rhymes!) But really, come to think of it, I’m actually saving a whole lot by shopping at Mango’s end of season sale. This way, I get all my summer essentials like the beautiful pieces I’m wearing on this post at a discount! See, totally justifiable! LOL.

BRB. Let me just check myself into shopaholics anonymous.

Topshop hat | Mango top | Mango skirt | Daniel Wellington watch | Alexander Wang bag | Etro heels

44 Responses to “Irresistible”
  1. Erika

    hala … ito yung crush ko na skirt hihihi , Mango pala sya. anyways, miss camille i hope you do a 90’s porma na gantong skirt din or something similar, with the accessories and make up and all hahaha. namiss ko tumambay dito sa blog mo.. more power

  2. Jasmine Gagarin

    cams! i just love the and the overall styling! i wonder if these shoes would be available at the next BU! hahaha you look so cute here!

  3. Riza Samsin

    You’re so pretty and so tall!! I wish I could meet you in person! Btw love your outfit xoxo

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Riza! :) Hopefully at my next meet and greet or event :)

  4. Grace Tee

    So fab! Your heels are lovely. Overall, simple yet gorgeous! I also like the crossbody bag. I noticed it became a trend during summer. I bet they are so comfy and light, which is perfect for summer season.

    Grace Tee

  5. Mary Ann

    I shopped at Mango’s sale too! It was heaven seeing all the marked down prices Miss Camille! You looked slimmer here :)

  6. Kathleen Monique

    I agree. It is indeed irresistible, Ate Camille. I’m not an avid fan of shopping but when there are sales coming, I would immediately check some stuff out. Anyway, I like that simple outfit, Ate Camille. Simplicity is indeed the beauty.

  7. Anne

    I love the outfit Cams. It looks like something I would wear myself but I’d ditch the heels for sneakers. Don’t get me wrong. They’re so pretty but my feet tend to die on them. Haha! Oh and where did you shoot these pictures? That wooden door looks so familiar but I can’t really remember where I saw it.

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