Ready For The Battle

Remember when I told you I was looking for members to form Team Camille for Style Ko Ayos Dito challenge against Team David and Team Patricia? (Read the blog post here.) Well, I found them already! Woohoo! If you’re one of the lucky 10, this means I’ll be seeing you tomorrow for our pre-styling meet-up. Using the […]


Fall Shoe Must-Haves

I wanted to share with you another article I made for It’s something you shoeaholics would love. I hope you like it! ——————————– We may not have fall/winter season here in our country but it doesn’t mean we should miss out on the season’s shoe must-haves. The key here is to weed out styles that  don’t suit our weather […]


Do The Wakudoki

This is what the beach does to me. I turn into an overly giddy person who runs all over the place like crazy. This stolen shot of me running to my friend who’s sunbathing peacefully in Bali is proof enough, yes? I was so hyper I was actually this close to asking them to do […]


Declutter Your Home

I belong to a family of hoarders. Whenever we declutter our rooms and get rid of old things, we never really throw them away. We just send them all up to a magical place called the attic. This is probably the reason why I’m too scared to go up there. (That and my childhood fear […]


Travel Diary: Teufelsberg (Former Spy Station)

On our last full day in Berlin, Goethe Institut arranged a tour for us around an old spy station at Teufelsberg. I must say, it’s not your usual tourist destination. There were no information centers or big ticketing offices around it. In fact, it’s like a hidden treasure that’s only visible to people who seek it. […]


Win A Million!

I’m taking a break from my Berlin travel diaries to share you with you some very important news. How important? So important that it might just make you a million pesos richer! Yes, you read that right. Count those zeros because your eyes aren’t fooling you! Keeping the promise of “Always More”, Watsons is giving […]


My Kind Of Mooncake

Coming from a Chinese family, I was introduced to the tradition of the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival at a very young age. Sometime between August and September, my parents would bring us to annual family gatherings to play the dice game. We’d win snacks and toys back in the early days. Gadgets, lifestyle items, money and […]


Square Peg

No boss or company dress code should ever stop you from finding ways to make your business attire interesting. Sure, there’s probably a sad sad sad boss out there (emphasis on the “sad”) who hates anything colorful or is a little too conservative for his/her own good, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick […]


Plaza De Colón

While shopping around Barrio De Salamanca, Sandy and I chanced upon this picturesque plaza. As much as I’d like to pretend I knew what this place was at that time, I had no clue. After consulting with my friend Google, I now know that this is Plaza De Colón or Columbus Square–a plaza dedicated to […]


Palacio Real De Madrid

I’ve only been to Madrid once before so I thought why not get to know the city a bit more since I’m already in Spain anyway. The first time I went here, all I remember doing was shopping and eating. This time, I made it a point to tour around the city and not just […]