Ready, Jet Set, Go!

(Photo credit: Goodbye, Manila! Hello Barcelona, Paris and Singapore! May is shaping up to be a busy and travel-filled month. I’m flying to Barcelona tomorrow to cover Pronovias’ fashion show once again, and then off to Paris for a quick vacation before I head to Singapore on the 14th until the 26th for work. […]


A Gift For Mom

Mother’s day is 8 days away. Have you gotten your mom a gift yet? I always have a hard time finding the perfect gift for mommy dearest. I mean, what do you give to the woman who has it all? As much as I want to say, unconditional love, when it comes to the woman […]


Unleash Your Creativity

Tic Tac–I feel like I’ve known and loved this brand since forever. Before I even learned what mints were, I was already shaking Tic Tac at home, thinking it was some toy. I’m sure you’re all familiar with that signature Tic Tac rattle I’m talking about, not to mention that flip top flap sound it […]


Shopping Madness

If you’re a shopaholic and there’s just no saving you, then you’ve got to at least be wise about it. Avail of membership or rewards cards and look out for special promos so that you get to shop more with less guilt. Trust me, I should know. I belong to a family of master shoppers […]


Valentine’s Day Tips

There’s no escaping Valentine’s day. You’re bound to see flowers, chocolates and hearts everywhere you go. So whether you’re single or in love, why don’t you hop on the bandwagon and celebrate it the best way you can. There’s no use in trying to fight it. It is after all, at the heart of it–a celebration of love, […]


Plan Ahead

Living in the digital age tends to make us forget the beauty of writing the good old fashioned way, which is why I appreciate little reminders such as this Megaworld Lifestyle Malls 2015 planner. It gives me a reason to once again start jotting down not just my schedules and reminders, but my thoughts, ideas […]


Ready For The Battle

Remember when I told you I was looking for members to form Team Camille for Style Ko Ayos Dito challenge against Team David and Team Patricia? (Read the blog post here.) Well, I found them already! Woohoo! If you’re one of the lucky 10, this means I’ll be seeing you tomorrow for our pre-styling meet-up. Using the […]


Fall Shoe Must-Haves

I wanted to share with you another article I made for It’s something you shoeaholics would love. I hope you like it! ——————————– We may not have fall/winter season here in our country but it doesn’t mean we should miss out on the season’s shoe must-haves. The key here is to weed out styles that  don’t suit our weather […]


Do The Wakudoki

This is what the beach does to me. I turn into an overly giddy person who runs all over the place like crazy. This stolen shot of me running to my friend who’s sunbathing peacefully in Bali is proof enough, yes? I was so hyper I was actually this close to asking them to do […]


Declutter Your Home

I belong to a family of hoarders. Whenever we declutter our rooms and get rid of old things, we never really throw them away. We just send them all up to a magical place called the attic. This is probably the reason why I’m too scared to go up there. (That and my childhood fear […]