A Bond To Be Cherished

Meet my bestie, Kris. We’ve known each other since we were 8 and have been besties since we were around 13 maybe. We’ve been through it all–from mischiefs and petty fights when we were younger to serious talks and life decisions now that we’re older. For 15 years now, we’ve had each other’s back. We’ve seen each other at our highest and lowest points–laughing until our eyes started tearing up, and crying until there were no more tears to cry. In Meredith Grey’s words, she’s my person. She’s the Cristina to my Meredith, the Gigi to my Kendall. Because no matter where life takes us, even if one day we find ourselves at the opposite sides of the world, we’re forever connected. We share a bond that is unbreakable and unique to us–a bond that I thought we should celebrate through these beautiful friendship bracelets from John Hardy.

John Hardy is an artisan-crafted luxury jewelry line established in Bali during the 1970s by a Canadian artist of the same name. Each John Hardy piece is thoughtfully handcrafted by master artisans based on a tradition of artistry that dates back to ancient Balinese courts, creating timeless one-of-a-kind pieces that are brilliantly alive, dramatic and powerful. The friendship bracelets my bestie and I have are called Classic Chain bracelets from John Hardy’s most iconic collection of the same name. Each bracelet is carefully weaved by hand to create its intricate chain design–symbolizing the human bond of togetherness, tied with love and memories. It perfectly signifies the friendship my bestie and I have, which is why I thought to surprise her with this beauty for Christmas. (And then eventually force her into taking photos with me wearing them like a cheesy couple.) Christmas, after all, is a time for giving. There’s no better time to give my bestie this much-deserved gift as my small way of saying thank you to her–for being my defender, my best friend, my person.

How about you? How are you celebrating your friendships and bonds this Christmas?

John Hardy is exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Rustan’s Cebu in the Philippines.

22 Responses to “A Bond To Be Cherished”
  1. Ohms

    those bracelets are so adorable. i bought make up for my bff:)bffs are blessings;)

  2. Anne

    Oh Cams this is so sweet and those bracelets are adorable! As for your question… This Christmas I sent my BFF since kindergarten an “Open When Care Package” that held a dozen of envelopes and packages that she must open during specific dates or certain circumstantial occasions. Now that we’re living in two different cities that are seas apart, it helps to be a little creative when sending presents. Hehehe.


    • Camille Co

      Awww that’s so sweet!!! That really is <3 Your bestie must've loved it! I know I would!

  3. Elizabeth T.

    Aww this is just too sweet for words <3 Makes me want to get one for my bestie too :D We've been with each other since birth, and I can't imagine my life any other way! Happy Holidays to you, Camille! And thank you so much for reminding us during this blessed time of the year that friendship is forever <3

    XO, Elizabeth

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Elizabeth! I hope you and your bestie were able to spend quality time with each other this holiday season :)

  4. anne-marie

    Tonight, I would be only to celebrate Christmas
    I bought my gifts and a bottle of champagne

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