Another Visit To Versailles

Back in Versailles once again to tour my sister around. I’m not complaining though because just look at it! I’d gladly stay here forever! Well…maybe not during winter season because I’ll freeze to death. Spring time Versailles, however, is divine. See for yourself. I’ll spare you from my long commentary since I’ve already blogged about Versailles before and all my oohs and ahhs have been said there. For now, I leave you to enjoy the photos in peace! Enjoy the rest of your holiday, everyone!

Alehop hat Pull And Bear top Mango culottes Céline bag Zara sandals 

38 Responses to “Another Visit To Versailles”
  1. Xeryll

    Hi Cams, what camera and lens do you usually use in all your posts? Thanks!

  2. Quen

    Loved all the pics! <3 Did you use your Canon 5d Mark III for these photos? <3

  3. Catrina

    How beautiful Versailles is. Love those photos. Happy New Year by the way Ate Cams :-)

  4. Elizabeth T.

    Versailles is so breathtaking! <3 Haha it's so nice that you're taking your sister around, Camille. Loving this stylish yet comfortable look – your pants and top look so breathable yet chic :D The white color and the straw hat just adds the perfect touch of understated chic and femininity! Wishing you a great New Years!

    XO, Elizabeth

  5. Brian

    I hope that someday I’ll also tour my brother at Versailles. Sibling goals! :) <3

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