Lips To Lips

If I were to wear blue lipstick, would you still love me? Or will all respect for me go *poof*?! Since I’m no Lady Gaga, nor do I have the perfect face to pull just about anything off, I made the wise decision to leave the blue lips on my shirt and only on my […]


Bag In A Hat

How about something military chic for today’s post? I got inspired by my new military jacket from She Inside. Instead of pairing it with the usual edgy pair of shorts or pants, I tried mixing it up a bit with my ruffled skirt. Now, my outfit is both masculine and feminine which makes for an […]


Blog Giveaway: Win This Red Tote (CLOSED)

Before we talk about this latest giveaway, let me say something about my outfit first. I know, I know. You really want to know how you can score this red tote. Hold your horses! This will be quick. I promise! It’s already been a habit of mine to raid my mom and my sister’s closets […]


Blog Giveaway: Market HQ (CLOSED)

So you’ve probably already seen my awesome dress and skirt from Market HQ, right? I’ve gushed about the online store countless times (and it’ll probably continue because they just have too many pretty things). Now it’s your turn to gush about Market HQ! They heard how much you love them so they’re throwing a giveaway […]