Blog Giveaway: Win This Red Tote (CLOSED)

Before we talk about this latest giveaway, let me say something about my outfit first. I know, I know. You really want to know how you can score this red tote. Hold your horses! This will be quick. I promise!

It’s already been a habit of mine to raid my mom and my sister’s closets whenever I feel like I’ve run out of clothes to wear. Now before you judge me and shout “ugh Camille, you hypocrite,” let’s get real. Us girls, no matter how big our collection is, there will always be days when you feel like you’ve got NOTHING to wear. Hello, have you watched The Rachel Zoe Project? Even she has days like this and my closet is nothing compared to hers. Today was one of those days.

So whose closet did I raid? Mom’s the victim this time around. My mom and I share the same love for buttondowns and prints. She wears a bigger size but I make do. Isn’t it fun living with 2 other women in the house?

Since this is a bag giveaway, I styled my outfit according to the bag. It’s pretty easy actually. The bag is the perfect everyday bag– size is just right; design is a classic; and the color isn’t hard to match. These are actually the reasons why I chose this bag for the giveaway.

SM Accessories earrings

Marks & Spencer top

Pinkaholic shorts

Abby Jocson red tote

YSL Arty ring

Giuseppe Zanotti heels

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Just a little info on Abby Jocson, all her items are proudly Filipino made. The brand sells mostly chic tote bags like this and a few accessories as well like cellphone pouches.

So are you ready to join my Abby Jocson giveaway? Win a bag like this and let’s be bag twins! Just follow the steps below to join:

  1. Follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin’. If you don’t have these accounts, it’s easy to make one!
  2. Like Designs By Abby Jocson on Facebook and follow @abbyjocson on Twitter.
  3. Tweet this and tag 2 of your friends: “I want to win an #abbyjocsonbag on ! Join the giveaway too @(insert friend’s Twitter name) and @(insert friend’s Twitter name) ! #ItsCamilleCoGiveaways”
  4. Leave a comment below with your name, Twitter name and link to your tweet.

Deadline for entries is on December 1 at 11:59 P.M. This contest is open to Philippine residents only. Again, no multiple entries please. The winner will be chosen via and announced here, so make sure to check the comments section after the deadline.

Good luck everyone! A month and 4 days to go before Christmas! Woohoo!

453 Responses to “Blog Giveaway: Win This Red Tote (CLOSED)”
  1. Antonia

    How do you Phillipine bloggers get everything right? You have huge closets and a standing reputation, and you always manage to look great and feel comfy on sick days. And how the heck do you get the money and energy to go shopping every other day, while styling and building stores at the same time? You must be gifted with superhuman capacities, because this is just beyond me.

    • itscamilleco

      Aww thank you Antonia! I don’t shop every other day though haha! In fact, I seldom shop :) We’re lucky I guess! :)

  2. itscamilleco

    Congratulations to Joy Cerame for winning this Abby Jocson red tote! I sent you a direct message of Twitter :)

    • joycee

      wiiiiihhhh! it seems that you know that december is my birth month?advance birthday gift eh?! thanks camille!!

  3. Dana Tolentino

    Dana Tolentino

    So sumali muna talaga ako Ms Camille :))) I always do that din po and mom knows it na agad that if she can’t find her top then I have it. :))) I feel that I dont have much clothes din kasi ’cause of school. Everyday ibang damit. Can’t say na wag mag ulit kasi super magastos pero sometimes we just need something new. something not from our closet diba po? :)) Thanks for this beautiful giveaway Ms Camille! :)

  4. SAnne

    Waah, i remember my friends whom i have an exchange wardrobe! That’s really a girl thig :). Btw, can you also post pictures of your mom and sis too? :)

  5. maebs

    i love those shorts and the whole outfit of course! :) I thought ako lang po ang may ganyang delima, pati po pala kayo! yay! may common denominator na po pala tayo! hahaha! si mom lang po ang hindi ko naraid kasi malaki sya sakin, pero sister ko marami po! :)

  6. Colt Nava

    Oh my gosh , Camille, I super love those shorts! And the top looks great on you! You and your mom should do a fashion face-off haha and whoever wins will keep the top lol

    Please don’t forget my fan sign! I will not stop sending P.S.’ until you make me 1 lol <3 thankies!

  7. Charisse Roa

    I dunno why but I had an idea that its your Mom’s turn this time. Haha. I think your older posts made mention how you have the same love for buttondowns :) I do agree with you, I sometimes borrow my sister’s clothes or bags. Guilty :D The color combinations’ perfect that goes well with your bag! I wish I can still avail the same shorts that you have :)

      • Charisse Roa

        Yup! It’s sold out na :( I checked and it isn’t available anymore.. maybe I’ll try to look around in other shops :)

  8. darleen

    i wanna win that bag!!! is it possible na manalo ulit sa giveaways nyo ms. camille?

  9. jhay-cee

    I super agree to you Miss Cams, na sometimes I got nothing to wear even though I have lots of cloths :-) and my mom’s closet is my victim also. :-D and every time that day comes my mom always says “napaka dami mong damit dya, manili ka nalang ng kahit ano” and my dad says “yan ang mahirap sa sobrang dami ng damit, wala ng mapili” :-D hihi.
    I love you mom and dad. <3 :-)
    btw, i love you short, and that bag is gorgeous.

    xoxo – jhaycee

  10. zyrene phi

    waaaawww!! its ok if u raid ur moms closet.. atleast umamin kayo miss camille.. and di na mn halata, parang sayo pa din.. hehehe.. i have a question if u dont mind.. uuuhmmm extension po ba yung hair nyo or totoo tlaga??^_^

  11. Jill Dianne Regorgo

    Omgggg your top and your shortssss <333 Pwede give away din yun ate Cams? Hahahaha! Kidding :D As usual, great outfit. Sooo wearable! Thank you thank you for another inspiring outfit :D :* Btw ate Cams, your hair looks diffrent here. Kakapagupit mo lang ba? I noticed kasi ang iksi ng bangs mo na dito :D Haha!

  12. Roxie Tarroquin

    Roxie Barcillo Tarroquin

  13. abby07

    WOw Camille.. Like u, your mom’s got a good taste in clothing.. I wish u could giveaway that top too.. haha..

  14. Palm

    Hmm! I thought of wearing something like this one on a casual party? What do you think?

  15. Christine Koay

    Actually, I was more interested in your outfit than the giveaway.. haha.. cuz I’m not from The Philippines.. so I’m here for your outfit, Ms Camille.. =D but the tote is gorgeous though.. might check it out if i visit The Philippines.. is it sold in the mall?

  16. cindy karyadi

    I love ur style cammile its such a simple and stylish going out wear …i wish i can be that too,this red bag does have the ”it” factor!

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