Palm Trees

I am IN LOVE with this dress. Isn’t it so me? Its print and colors scream Camille! I love that instead of bright and neon colors, this bodycon dress is in pastels. It’s a refreshing change from the usual party dresses. Pastels are so pleasant to look at.

At first glance, you’d think the print on my dress is just geometric. But if you look at it closely, you can actually spot palm trees there. Cue Beverly Hills 90210! Let me just wear my sunnies and get my Cali girl swag going LOL!

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Gifts Ahoy earrings | Market HQ dress

SM Accessories necklace

Diane Von Furstenberg bag SM Accessories bracelet and ring

Sugarfree pumps

P.S. If you’re wondering where I got my sunnies, I have no idea. I literally just grabbed them from my friend who was taking my photos. Maybe they’re Raybans? :)

112 Responses to “Palm Trees”
  1. Palm

    I wish PALM can be as beautiful as you are. I love the pumps so much. The color is not so common.

  2. Mark U

    I’ma liking the dress~! Very easy on the eyes indeed. Not that the bright colours are a turn off, but this is very refreshing from you. Still the kind of dress that’s just very “you” ika nga.

    And the aviator sunnies just complete the look. hehe! So, when are you arriving here? Magpapadala ba ako ng limo sa airport? haha!

    • itscamilleco

      No need, I have my own limo na hahaha kidding :) This coming week! :) Can’t wait! Thanks Mark!

      • Mark U

        Here’s hoping I run into you along the streets of Central. :P Perfect light jacket weather lately. Excited to see your Winter(?) OOTD.

        • itscamilleco

          I was hoping it would be colder! So excited to dress up for the cold weather :)

  3. gladys

    I am so in love with the pumps you are wearing here Miss and also the bag..:))
    And also, I like it very much if you wear pink and nude lipsticks…
    But I am also excited to see you with bright red!

  4. AbigailYaplito

    Hi! Ms. Camille, I would like to ask what kind of a lipstick are using? and what colour specifically? thanks!

  5. inca

    Parang i saw you wearing this outfit sa
    hello kitty event sa SM north i right?
    Nice ang the shoes ;)

  6. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Hi Ms.camille I missed u so much!hehe (wow kala mo close) hehe. I’m starting to comment again!So pretty dress bagay sau talaga yung mga ganyang printed designs.Na miss mo ko?hehe joke! :)

  7. Dawn

    I can’t help myself from telling you that i really really love your style!
    It seems that everything you posted and everything you’re wearing never fails to awe me!
    You really are a certified 2 thumbs up stylist and also a model!
    Great job!

  8. Ela

    Hi Camille! Wow, im really happy that you still have time replying to your readers comments. You are so beautiful, God bless you:)

  9. Sara Shalabi

    hi miss camille :)) i’ve been your fan for so long haha di ko nga maalala kung kailan nagstart yun e LOL! you’re so gorgeous talaga. You’re my and my best friends’ fashion icon, together with your sisterettes Laureen and Kryz haha <3

    love the shades kahit di sayo yan haha :D

  10. Charisse Roa

    I really wanted to purchase a bodycon dress for future use but everytime I’m in a shop there will *always* be that person who will ask me “Where are you going to use that?” :( Heartbreaking <\3 I hope I can whisk that thought behind next time. On the other note, you look absolutely beautiful, Miss Camille! I love your dress, shoes, bags, accessories and your make up compliments your pastel colored dress! I guess, you're ready for a good time! ;)

    • itscamilleco

      Don’t let anyone stop you! I’m sure an event or party will come up! :) Thanks Charisse!

      • Charisse Roa

        Yes, Ma’am! Your comment raised the bar for my self confidence! Thank you, Miss Camille! <3

  11. maebs

    lovely dress :) BTW, are you going too watch Jennifer Lopez’s concert this coming Sunday?

  12. Dana Tolentino

    You should really show your teeth when you smile. Cutie Ms Camille! :D
    Huhuhu how can you look so cute and sexy at the same time? :))

  13. abby07

    Oh Camille, Camille, my dear :) I wonder how do you manage to maintain a skin as glowing as that despite your busy schedule? C’mon now, tell me, seriously.. :D

  14. Anelle

    This look is amazing! Your body fits perfectly in this dress and is very flattering on your figure, as all your dresses are. The makeup, accessories, everything – gorgeous!

  15. Vanni Yeth

    Besides the dress and the sunnies. I love the pumps mooore. *u* hihi It added an OOMPH effect to the outfit! *u*

  16. Charm Conrado

    Your dress is super love, and the bag, and the shooooeeessss!!!! Ohhh my! Your shoes screams green apple!! You really look good here. Yieee!

  17. Michelle

    you have such a stunning figure! If I wore the same bodycon dress that you wore, it might make you blind :( How do you manage to keep your tummy area so flat??!! >__<


    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Michelle! I don’t have any tricks really. I haven’t worked out for so long!

  18. darleen

    in fairness napansin ko na cute yung nails nyo poh :) and the dress is really so you :))) love it!

  19. Chin

    You’re soooo gorgeous Camille. I love the aviator shades, Can I have it??haha

  20. Colt Nava

    Haha I love that everytime you wear bodycon dresses you always have that shot emphasizing your “behind” [3rd photo] reminding us all that you’re not just a tall and skinny girl, but you’re a tall, thin girl with great curves! Lovely <3

    Please check your to-do-list and scroll down to Colt/Kathleen Nava's request :D haha

  21. jhay-cee

    Really gorgeous. :-) Why you’re so pretty?
    I love the whole outfit, it’s so you. IKAW NA!

    xoxo – jhaycee

  22. quitana

    bagay na bagay ms. camille :)
    soo class mu talaga . hehehe
    anyway ano secret mo bat ang ang ganda ng skin mo?
    share mo naman .. :D

  23. zyrene phi

    hello miss cams!! everything is gorgeous on you:)
    i love it.. i love it.. i envy u soo muchh!! is it hard to be a blogger??
    can i be a blogger too?;p

  24. Kanu Sharma

    You look awesome n glowing as always :). Awesome Awesome Awesome, no more words. I was wondering how you will carry Indian Clothes :), you must try them!!!

  25. jUd canoy

    hello Camille ^.^
    i’ve watched some of your youtube videos earlier like the one from Project Runway, the Independent Woman Nikon interview and the photoshoot with Lauren and Kryz..i really like watching them. i ended up searching for more of your
    i also watched the “fashion that fits: back to school” video..i really enjoyed watching i wish i was the girl you styled in the
    i got a chance to hear your “tiny” voice as what you always describes it and your atelier as well…hahaha
    was that your new atelier?
    i salute you for all your hard works ^.^
    stay pretty and take care :)

  26. Lauren

    Great outfit, love the vibrant colours on the dress. And the shoes! Love them :)


  27. Claudine Claire

    Pretty nice, Ate Camille.
    Looking forward for more of your outfit posts. :) Nyaah~


  28. Joyce

    Everything you wear just looks good on you!:) Your height and physique definitely flatter whatev it is on you! You just make every number do. Werq!

  29. judy

    Hey there beautiful palm tree, come move to our town :) lol. (kidding)
    Lovely dress and you are so IT Girl !

  30. Isa Reynoso

    You look like a porcelain doll The dress is perfect for you! <3 I think the colors of the dress are just too pretty! And I love the gold accents <3

  31. Tasha D.

    You’re carrying the 33rd most powerful woman according to Forbes magazine! DVF! Dami kong chika no! May pa-forbes pang ganap! chos! haha! Love your spectacles! You forgot to credit them! Taray ng 3rd photo ha! Hiyang-hiya naman sayo sila Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez at Vice Ganda! haha! Mas mataray pala si Vice kasi lumeveling siya sa ginormous behind nila Nicki and company!

    • itscamilleco

      Hahahaha :) Walang wala ang behind ko sa kanila haha! The sunnies aren’t mine and I have no idea where my friend got them. :) I love DVF!

  32. fridah

    You’re right it’s so YOU!!! Haha and it’s so pretty! love the necklace and the bag! who takes your photos?? Coz i think they are doing an amazing job! Lovely photos!!! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Fridah! For this, it’s my fried Hazel who took them :) I bully my friends haha!

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