What’s a girl to do when she’s given a pair of shorts that can pass off as knickers?

Usually, I steer clear of shorts like these (the ones that are cut higher on the sides) because I don’t want the whole world to see my behind. But when I received these from an online store, I didn’t have the heart to throw them away. The print and studs are just too awesome, I had to do something about my little dilemma!  The solution? A good old pair of cycling shorts. To make them seem like they’re part of my look, I injected black pieces here and there like my black bandeau, socks and accessories. Was I able to pull them off? I hope so!

As if these studded shorts weren’t edgy enough, I got my latest pair of cooler than cool sunnies from Sunpocket to toughen up my look a tiny bit more. There really is something about sunnies that can make anyone look cool in an instant. Don’t I look so bad ass in these? I look so “cool” it took a lot of willpower for me to stop myself from forming the word “COOL” with my fingers. LOL! If I did that, there goes my cool image and I’m back to my dorky self once again.

To tell you the truth, I actually never thought I’d own a pair of polarized sunnies. EVER. I used to hate them back in elementary and high school because a lot of the arrogant young boys loved wearing polarized Oakley shades. It was the in thing then. Stereotype, I know!! But when I saw how awesome Sunpocket’s designs were, I just could not help myself. I HAD to try them on!

And you know what happened after that, right? I was sold!!! That stereotype in my head? It was gone, in a heartbeat! They really look so bad-ass and a little funky at the same time. Plus, they can double as a mirror too! LOL.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand Sunpocket, it’s a contemporary eyewear brand that hails all the way from France. It’s roots can be traced from the ski and surf communities which is why it’s immensely popular with sportsmen and yuppies. Fast forward to now, it’s viewed as a great fashion accessory too, having just collaborated with Open Ceremony. What makes the Sunpocket eyewear special is their functionality. They’re light, durable and most importantly, foldable too! With all these features, I’m sure you’re expecting Sunpocket to be quite expensive. Actually, they’re not! They’re reasonably priced at around PhP 2000-3000. I’m actually eying another pair in white and blue. I’m telling you, Sunpocket has so many yummy colors! If you want to check them out, Sunpocket eyewear are exclusively available at Terminal Inc., located at Ronac Art Center.

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Extreme Finds neon necklace | Online black chain necklace | Topshop silver knit top

Online shorts

Watch Factory Casio watch | SM Accessories silver bangle | Peaches On Top leather cuff

Sunpocket sunnies (available at Terminal, Inc.)

Vishoes wedges

I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now how majority of my looks are taken at Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It’s my favorite spot to take outfit shots in because you’ll never run out of places to go (and things to do). I mean look at me, I’m posing in front of a parking lot’s ticket booth here! Haha! BGC is probably one of the most well-developed areas here in the Metro. And since I’m practically here everyday, I thought of sharing with you this little event I heard about before I end this post.

BGC is holding its first ever Passionfest this weekend! I’m really super excited about this because I’ve never attended anything like it. There are so many activities and events lined up for all ages! Like for example, today, there’s a mobile concert entitled “Music Moves. Art Grooves” from 6:30 PM to 12 midnight featuring fused performances by Wolfgang and a sextet at 9th Street, the band The Brass Monkeys with graphic artist Jun Lupito at the Mind Museum, Razorback with a caricaturist visual artist at Turf, and club jazz band Silverfilter at The Fort Entertainment Center. Just imagine… all of them performing on an open-wing 12-wheeler truck!!! Isn’t that something to look forward to?

It doesn’t end there! Tomorrow, it’s The Great BGC Outdoors at Bonifacio High Street (from Fully Booked to Jamba Juice/Village Tavern Area) from 10AM to 10PM. High Street will be transformed into a big fair ground with giant game installations, picnic areas, pet shows, fair games, inflatables for kids, magic shows, free cotton candy, popcorn and ice cream! WILD! There will be kiddie shows happening at the BHS Central Amphitheater from 4 to 6pm and an outdoor movie marathon from 6PM to 12MN featuring The Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo, and The Avengers. For the adults, there’s also a music festival by Big Fish happening from 4pm onwards at 9th Street corner McKinley Parkway.

Then finally, on Sunday, it’s the Run BGC Ready Set Explore at 5AM to 9AM where you can explore BGC’s interactive parks, outdoor art, science museum, and retail playground in one exciting run (so that’s basically all the spots I take outfit shots at. Haha). The Great BGC Outdoors follows after that from 10AM-10PM. All this culminates with BGC’s holiday ceremonial opening at BHS Central at 6pm.

Sigh. With all these festivities, I can just imagine how BGC will look like this weekend! If you don’t want to miss out, I suggest you drop by. There will be a special route for the BGC Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour during this weekend so be guided accordingly. Those who live, work and study in BGC can get a discount in registration fees for Run BGC and special discounts and freebies from selected retail shops and restaurants.

See you there!!! :)

99 Responses to “Polarized”
  1. Jade

    Hi miss camille! You are so beautiful! And so tall and sexy! And your photo quality is just superb! May i just ask what camera did you use for this post? Thank you :)

  2. kris

    Hi Camille! would you think wearing black opaque tights (like deiner 80) would look better instead of cycling shorts? Or would it be too hot? I have the same shorts, I just dont know how to wear them in PH. Hehe thanks!

    • itscamilleco

      I think it would be too hot. I try to refrain from wearing stockings here :)

  3. gladys

    Hindi po ba mabigat ang wedges Miss??? hehehehehe
    And it’s so HIGH!
    But it is really lovely I want to own one kaso baka hindi bumagay sa akin..:((

  4. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Wow!Pamatay ang wedge .Pag may umaway sau sa daan sipain mo agad malamang tulog yun!lol (kidding) .Ang sexy ng LIPS mo! :) <3

  5. Kyla Mae

    You totally saved those shorts from being knickers! I’m so happy that you did that! Gaaah I think super short stuff like that are meant for underwear! Ms. Camille, I’m so happy to read your blog again! I missed you so much!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Kyla! :) Welcome back! :) I’m happy you’re able to visit again!

  6. Molly

    the shorts reminds me when you were with Raymond during the Magnum Event “nag shorts ka pa!”. :p

  7. jhay-cee

    so sexy Miss Cams. Your short, its definitely “nagshort kapa short” :-) .
    I love the whole outfit. <3

    xoxo – jhaycee

    • itscamilleco

      They allow it at times :) Try messaging them on Facebook or emailing them :)

  8. Emmrose villasfer

    hey camille..
    hulaan ko, after you took this photos, nagpalit ka na ng sapatos :D haha. saan ka papunta na ganyan ang shoes?! Pamatay! Ang tangkad’tangkad mo siguro, for sure :)

  9. Sharm

    Hi! I love your outfit! You look gorgeous as always…

    By the way, I was wondering if your clothes were featured in DLSU Sudhaya?

    Anyways, keep up the amazing work!

  10. Anna Althea Abainza

    Yay! Awesome outfit shot again. Love the shoes plus the studded short and infer with the cycling, bongga! ♥ Super love it.

  11. Jing Ü

    Super COOL sunnies you have there, Ate Camille! I soooo love everything on this look! As in *everything*

    Reading your blog has been a habit of mine ever since. And as always..you surprise me and all your fans with your quirky and edgy style.

    Christmas is fast approaching..and i really hope that you’ll post xmas inspired looks, especially for simbang gabi. Hihi

    Thanks for always inspiring me to look and feel good Ate Camille! XOXO <3

  12. kendra

    nice sunnies! i’ve already heard about sunpocket and thank u for the headsup so i’ll head to ronac one of these days! love yer outfit dear! xoxo

  13. Dorothy

    Love the black socks with yellow and black shoes combo! Makes it look like one continuous look plus the alternating colours kind of remind me of the radiation warning signs. So no one will mess with you :D

    • itscamilleco

      Hi! I won’t be selling them anytime soon. So sorry I have no idea as well where you can get them online.

  14. Anelle

    This look is cool! My eyes instantly gravitated towards the wedges, the color is extremely eye-catching. I would have never thought that those cycling shorts were not part of the denim shorts, they fit in so well!

    Also, I have noticed this for a bit but never made a mention of it. Congratulations on being the #1 fashion blog in the PH! When I started following this blog, it was at #3 and I simply knew you would get to #1. Thankfully, you have!

  15. wrey

    WOW!!! That’s one brilliant idea Camille! Kudos to you – you’re able to pull it off! ^◡^

    I hope we can go to BGC on Sunday to witness this fun event! :)

  16. Vanni Yeth

    I looove this look! Anlayo sa Camille na kilala ko. Hihi Yet your stunning! *o* You’re styles are really unpredictable!! Ansaveeeh ni Lady Gaga sa wedges mo!?? :D

    • itscamilleco

      Haha sabi ni Lady Gaga, bakit may heels? Kailangan heel-less! Haha! Thnaks Vanni!

  17. Shannen

    AHHHHH! another look that you pulled off! You never fail me, you always have ze best of best Camille! hihi.
    Anyway, you take outfit shots everyday? really?

  18. Issa

    Miss Camille, of course you can pull anything off. :) wow, that Passionfest sounds exciting! :)

  19. Tasha D.

    Grabe parang so bigat naman your shoes! At least pag may mga puddle along your path, for sure na hindi mababasa ang feet mo. haha! Taas ng platforms!

  20. Tina

    i didn’t quite like the look of having cycling shorts underneath a shorts. but true, the details of the shorts is nice but it’s just too short that your butt cheeks can start peeping. i can’t imagine myself wearing that too. anyway, i love your shades :)

    thanks for the info about BGC Passion Fest. will surely visit that this weekend.

  21. zyrene phi

    hello miss camz.. gorgeous.. love the outfit again.. OMG!! hahaha i envy u sooo much tlaga..
    is it hard to be a blogger?? can i be a bloggeer too??:))haha lol!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Zyrene! If you’re passionate about it, I’m sure you can do it!

  22. darleen

    like, like, like!!! bad ass talaga! gosh super haba ng legs mo :)) *admiring*

  23. Jing Ü

    Super COOL sunnies you have there, Ate Camille! I soooo love everything on this look! As in *everything* :)

    Reading your blog has been a habit of mine ever since. And as always..you surprise me and all your fans with your quirky and edgy style.

    Christmas is fast approaching..and a really hope that you’ll post xmas inspired looks, especially for simbang gabi. Hihi :)

    Thanks for always inspiring me to look and feel good Ate Camille! :) XOXO <3

  24. carmie

    Hi Ms Cams

    you really pull this outfit off! awesome! :) I like how you experiment on the cycling shorts because I myself want to try a high cut studded shorts but I dont want to reveal my behind :) I will definitely try this! you really are amazing!

    love carmie

  25. Trisha

    Your shades I need HAHA so I don’t have to bring a big case just to protect my non folding sunnnies =)) HAHA I love the cycling under the wide leg hole shorts =))

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