Bag In A Hat


How about something military chic for today’s post? I got inspired by my new military jacket from She Inside. Instead of pairing it with the usual edgy pair of shorts or pants, I tried mixing it up a bit with my ruffled skirt. Now, my outfit is both masculine and feminine which makes for an interesting combination.


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If you’re wondering why the title, take a look at the clutch I’m holding. Would you believe that’s a hat? It’s a bag AND hat in one! Coolio!


Tada! My black and brown clutch is now a black hat AND a brown clutch! Nifty, right? Let’s say I was strolling down a park and the sun was hurting my head. Wait a minute, no big deal. Let me separate my hat from my clutch. LOL! So handy!


This is how they separate. They have these little buttons that attach them together.


She Inside jacket


WAGW shirt


Kikay Matters gold bar necklace | SM Accessories gold and black necklace


Les Envers hat bag (Website ; Facebook pageThe Lyra Shoppe rings Kikay Matters leather cuffs | black knot bracelets


My Spirit Inc. skirt 


Jeffrey Campbell shoes

108 Responses to “Bag In A Hat”
  1. giuly

    Hi really like this bag.
    The hat bag is a very and magic idea.
    I see the website Les!!
    Thank you Camille!:-)

  2. Patricia

    One of my favorite post of yours. The jacket and shoes are quite a steal. Clap! Clap!

  3. Jam

    I so love your boots ate Cams~ And I so love your blog~ And I so love you too <3 <3

  4. Toni

    Hello! :) It’ll be my 13th birthday on March 1 (hope you could greet me through Twitter :”>) and I’ll be celebrating my birthday sa Enchanted Kingdom with my friends, can you suggest something to wear that will be comfy yet fashionable (I prefer wearing jeans on that day)? :) THANKS! :) Stay pretty and fashionable.

    • itscamilleco

      How about something colorful? Like colored jeans and a nice breezy sleeveless top :) Advance happy birthday Toni! :)

  5. Lauren

    Wow, awesome bag/hat!!!! Love the look, love how you paired the jacket with a skirt


  6. Hazel

    Came back from a hiatus (aka board exams) so I missed out on a lot of your posts! I loooveeee your new hair!!! And I love all your outfit posts. If I’d ever need a dress, I’d go to you as my designer. Keep it up camille. :)

  7. Dellybee

    the shoes oh so amaziiing and skirt so nice <3 sana mag post ka din ng pwede suotin sa grad ball or graudation dress something like that :)) thankyou

  8. Mark U

    Are those wooden soles? Giving a whole new meaning to the term clubbing with heels.

    And that hat/bag is just really cute! Actually looks like something you’d see someone wearing to a Les Mis viewing. :)

  9. Colt Nava

    Haha I find the bag so interesting and very funny at the same time! I mean, who would’ve thought, right? Brilliant idea! The designer deserves a slow clap and 3 snaps.

    I finally posted a photo para naman you will not have a blank image in your head everytime you read my comments :)

  10. nelayish

    Bag in a Hat! Ang cool! perfect sa napapalapit na summer :) Ang galing Ms. Camile!

  11. Grandyy

    Ahaha I just loove you cluth/hat i’m sure the inventor expierienced that exact situation where they had a hat on but wanted to take it of but it wouldnt fit in their clutch because it was too small so ofcoarse thats how it was born Lol lovely outfit dear I do love he military trend & did a post on it for my blog a few months back Loving the arm party too! Definately following dear you have such lovely style xox

  12. judy

    Amazing Les Envers hat bag! It was so cool and very cute, 2 in 1 ang peg ^-^ Perfect combination!

  13. Kris J.

    Cool! Masculine but still chic. :) Love the combination. <3

    I just want to ask for your advice. We will be having an evening school party and we're required to wear long gown, My problem is, I have fat arms. :'( I don' know what to wear and I can't seem to find one. I need your advice and suggestion.Help! Thank you! :)

  14. Isa Reynoso

    I love your jacket! <3 because of you, I want my own military/utility jacket with leather sleeves. Heehee I'm on the lookout :) and I want your hat bag. Cooooool! <3

  15. Dawn

    Oh I just love your shoes! They have so much attitude so to speak. Btw cams, can u help me out? I wanna know the right pronunciation of the make up brand etude house. How do u say etude? Pleeeease, I just need to know so that I won’t be a shame. Thanks! Luv yah!

  16. KC Cabrera

    miss cams!!!!!!! why are you sooo sexy? how many hours a day do u spend working out?? XD

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks KC! :) I just recently went back to the gym. As in this month. 1 hour lang :)

  17. Dheya Suzuki

    awww. your shoes! is that an old shoes? parang I/ve seen na that many times in your past entries. :)

  18. passionista25

    you’re always versatile camille…continue to inspire us with your post!

  19. Tasha D.

    I love Military Chic Fashion! Reminds me a lot of Victoria Beckham! I wonder lang, bakit di ka sumasali sa PFW? Naalala ko kasi bigla yung latest collection ni Posh eh.

  20. Trisha

    That’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen so far! Sooo cute! Pretty =))

  21. Sephie Rojas

    That Bag + Hat looks so cool! Parang magician lang. “I’mma pull a bag out of this hat. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you!” Super nakakaaliw! Haha!

  22. maebs

    ate cams, is that an example of an androgynous dressing? its sooo cool :) love it :)

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