Here’s a new outfit post from a few weeks back. I was invited by Lifestyle By Feliz to hold a personal styling workshop for s small group of people. Since it was such a busy day and I had little time to prepare for my outfit, I went back to basics. You know me, when it comes to crunch time, the simpler the better!


This is practically a no-brainer–combining navy, white and red. There’s a reason why nautical prints are usually in these colors. They ALWAYS work.


When it came to my accessories, I went for quality over quantity. As I’ve said, I was in such a hurry so I upped the ante by grabbing few sparkly but sophisticated jewelry. This way, it made my casual look a bit dressier too!

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She Inside top


Cornwall Street necklace


Topshop shorts


Balenciaga bag


Pill heels

120 Responses to “Navy”
  1. April

    I just discovered the cutest blog ever. and of course, the cutest blogger :)
    Hi ate Camille. I love your hair <3 What color is it?
    More power to you <3 :D

  2. Nicole Viernes

    Ang ganda ganda nyo po talaga! I real1ly like the ay you dress! sana po I can have a chance to wear all the clothes that you have! hahahahaahha!


  3. jamilla

    you’re my favorite fashion blogger! if only i can buy everything that you’re wearing! haha! copycat much!

    btw, what’s your size in was about to buy a dress there but read that their sizes are a bit tricky! i guess we are of the same size (more or less). i stand 5’5” and weigh 112 llbs. =) thanks!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Jamilla! It depends on the design. Make sure to check the measurements of the item :)


    Another job well done Camille, with the bag,shoes and your hair awesome!! :)

  5. Orange

    Hi, Miss Cams! What’s the color of your hair? I’ve been wanting to have that color eh! :D And when are you planning to go back here in Iloilo? I become so excited and amped up whenever you tweet about going here but sad at the same time ’cause I don’t get to see you personally. :( I know you always go to Bearland and I always wish I would coincidentally bump into you there! You will forever be my fashion icon! :D

    • itscamilleco

      Red :) Kinda auburn I think :) I’ve been to Bearland just once. I haven’t gone back to Iloilo since but I wish to visit again soon! :)

  6. Shan Salvador

    Your necklace reminds me of Rose’s necklace in Titanic!! So pretty Ms. Camille :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Alex! I don’t know what the best it but I personally use Nikon D7000 and Olympus OM-D EM5 :)

  7. Khayrin Pequiras

    Your top gives an illusion as if you were wearing a white cardigan. I was fooled for many times I had to look at it again just to make sure. Haha. Love the simplicity. Yer the beauty. LOL.

  8. AC

    Hi ms camille
    Can I ask what mode of payment dyou use when purchasing items online internationally? Thanks

  9. Paulette

    gurl!! rockin it, lol i love how u added the necklace, it gives an elegant vibe with a casual (well sort of) outfit, THUMBS UP ALL THE WAY!! i would actually wear this look, just sayin

  10. maebs

    ate cams, i love your minimal accessories :) ganda! BTW, back when you are in your elementary h/s or college days do you ever join beauty pageants? (just curious, sa ganda mo kasing yan.) :)

  11. kathleen vila

    Awww.. I love your heels! but there is no close up picture for that.. Ü

  12. Christine Koay

    I love this look, Ms Camille! So simple but classy and sophisticated! I love your blouse and also your heels! Is it red or orange? It looks like orange to me.. I love your classic look more than trendy look sometimes.. you look more younger! but that’s because I prefer classic style.. heh..

  13. Rose Cruz

    Love the look Camille! You really can level up a simple look to a classy one. Very chic.. The hair, bag and shoes match.. You are simply awesome.. :)

  14. Colt Nava

    Oh I love the whole look, Camille! Simple yet FAR from boring :D Gorgeous <3

  15. Stef uy

    You always look so “mayaman” whatever you wear camille, even if youre just wearing shorts :-)

  16. lar

    hi ms. camille i super love your bags i wonder where are you buying them especially your authentic bags, are you buying online or directly from their store? if it’s online, can you name a few?

    • itscamilleco

      Always from stores abroad. I haven’t tried online but I hear Luisaviaroma and netaporter are good. :)

  17. Mauriciostian

    Looking great as always, but tell me, how expensive are those Balenciagas. I have heard their quite pricey :-)

  18. nadine

    ohhhhhh!! like that top!and short.. and shoes ,,uhhh! whole outfit nlang.. simple but elegant..:))..

  19. Sephie Rojas

    Another reason why most Countries sports Red-White-Blue combinations too, heehee :P The simpler, the better, the less fuss to worry and be conscious about! :)

  20. ish

    love the look, the details in the blouse are amazing and adore the shorts
    xx ish

  21. Teya

    I adore yout hair’s colour. It’s very cute…and with red/blue/black clothes it looks amazing. Awesome outfit…you look qiuet good with these colours, wear them more often :)))

  22. Carina

    pretty in everything! :) i so love you camille! visit ka dito sa davao ha? i’ll be waiting <3 love lots :")

  23. Tasha D.

    I always love minimal accessories on you! Mas angat ang tunay mong ganda pag ganon! Promise! ;)

  24. Lauren

    You look stunning, love the colours you have put together, the top is gorgeous


  25. Trisha

    First look I though you were wearing polo then cardigan on top. I love how the coloring was done and I love the shorts, the fabric looks like what is usually for slacks? And the heels are so cute! Doesn’t seem to high for an everyday wear =)))

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