Ain’t Nobody Taking My Jeans

There was a time in my life when denim jeans dominated my wardrobe choices. They gave me security–security from judgy eyes staring at my legs; security from peeping toms who have nothing better to do; and finally, security of knowing that whatever I pair with them, it’ll work. Although my wardrobe has become much more […]


V For Victory

I’ve never seen so much stripes and geometric patterns in one outfit! Talk about making a bold statement! I actually wore this to the Kickers x Bauhaus launch back in November so please excuse my Halloween nail art care of Nail Spa Lounge. It’s been such a long time since I last wore a bold […]


5 Days of Miss Selfridge – Day 5

Here we go, the last of my Miss Selfridge series! This doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing me in Miss Selfridge any more. It’s really one of my favorite brands so there’s more to come for sure! The top I’m wearing here is actually a bodysuit. It’s so sexaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy. I love how the sheer panels […]