V For Victory

I’ve never seen so much stripes and geometric patterns in one outfit! Talk about making a bold statement! I actually wore this to the Kickers x Bauhaus launch back in November so please excuse my Halloween nail art care of Nail Spa Lounge.

It’s been such a long time since I last wore a bold print on print combination. I missed this! It really is so much fun mixing patterns and colors. It’s definitely one of my favorite styles to play around with.

The top I’m wearing here is actually a bodysuit which is the reason why it fits so well and snug. It’s perfect for bottoms like my shorts because this way, there are no lines and bulges showing. Don’t you just hate it when you that happens? You want to wear your sexy and form-fitting skirt or shorts, but you can’t because you top is showing underneath. Bodysuits, this is why you were invented!

I’m bringing sexy back, yeah! Them other boys don’t know how to act, yeah!

I just thought I’d break into song for a little while. Haha! It’s just that this bodysuit is too awesome! Look at that back! Mesh backs are the best.

Since my outfit is already so loud, I thought I’d refrain from looking like a walking reflector by toning down the accessories. I just wore a watch and a cute ring and that was it! Besides, my sequined clutch already took much of the spotlight. It’s a drama queen so it doesn’t like sharing the stage. LOL!

SM Accessories cap

Market HQ bodysuit

Pinkaholic shorts

Kate Spade clutch Watch Factory Casio watch | @i_nako Eiffel Tower pluggy

Feet For A Queen heels

[button link=”http://lookbook.nu/look/4314721-V-For-Victory” size=”small” bg_color=”#e5b3b9″ window=”yes”]Hype this look at Lookbook.nu here[/button]

And since my headphones matched my outfit that day, I thought I’d show you my latest gadget! Now, I look so K-Pop stage ready! Haha!


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  1. Chenne

    I love how you mixed the prints of your outfit without it looking tacky. You have great taste! I also liked the watch. I looked it up in the internet and was surprised to find out that it’s not as pricey. it just goes to show that you need not put on all expensive clothes or accessories to look fab.

  2. Net

    ka-boom ang outfit mo dito Camille! Sana u wore big hair like the supermodels of the 90’s tapos nagpaturo ka ng booty touch pose ke Ate Tyra pra mega-effect itong outfit mo dito.

  3. cranberries

    Ms Camille, are you comfortable wearing the shorts? I just can’t imagine myself to wear that. It’s really short! I really envy you Ms Camille, you can pull off any outfit. Plus, your fair complexion always complements your outfits ^^

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you! I’m okay naman. :) I pull them down from time to time haha!

  4. Char Lee

    effortless and truly sexy back! The bodysuit suits you…(pardon the pun, haha), What if you have to tuck in a sheer loose blouse? How can we do it without too much bulge?

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Char! If you’ve done your best to tuck it in as neatly as possible then maybe you should wear spanx or a body shaper to flatten it out :)

  5. princess

    love the combination.. print over print,, the color and the texture are perfect,, you are amazing camille,.. thank you for inspiring me everyday,,GBU..^_^

    • itscamilleco

      Hi Cherry! Thank you! I forgot what I applied. Maybe MAC’s Flamingo mixed with Myth :)

  6. maebs

    you look like a true Korean not a Chinese one :) love those outfit :) kailan kaya ako makakasuot ng ganyan? yay! :)

    • itscamilleco

      I actually get mistaken as a Japanese and Korean more than Chinese :) Try mo! :)

  7. Riz

    this outfit is very kpop!!! it’s shimmering, colorful, so fashionable, idagdag pa natin yung pageemote mo. hahaha! i love it!! :D i miss you and your blog! We visited Korea last week, sa ads ng train stations lang namin nakita yung Big bang! :)

  8. Chai Chen

    Hello Camille KPOP! :) Haha! So cute. :)
    Really love how you styled this look. Very cool patterns that seem to jive together talaga. :)

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  9. Kaye

    Pretty. I love the last photo. <3
    I never really wore anything print on print before I became your fan. :)

  10. Emmrose Villasfer

    grabe the last picture, pang model! :D haha
    where did you took this pictures?
    im saying it again, im in love with your hair. Inggit ako!!! Whahaha :)

  11. Izza

    You look like a living mannequin Ms. Camille! :)
    Can I ask what lipstick are you using? I love the color! <3 Thanks

  12. Marie Berjamin

    OMG! Did you just mentioned Seungri of Bigbang? haha I know you’re also a Filipino VIP. Keep it up! I love your outfit. Hella smokin!

  13. Marcia

    Looking good, as usual! Very KPOP indeed <3 question though. Aside from Big Bang, do you have any other favorite KPOP bands? Like girl groups? :)

    also, is that your phone on the 9th photo? The case is so chic! Where did you get it, if you don't mind me asking :) thanks Camille!

  14. jhay-cee

    Sexy back. Super sexy. I love the prints on print combination.
    It’s you already! :-D

    xoxo – jhaycee

  15. Colt Nava

    That last photo is sooooo billboard worthy! I can just picture out a skullcandy logo and a catchy statement at the left part of the photo! I adore the whole look, Camille! And I have to say this is my fave lippie color for you :D You look absolutely stunning <3

  16. nikki

    hi miss Camille, it’s Nikki. I adore how you dress up. We have this party at school and it’s themed as doomsday. like skyfall 007. i was wondering if you could show me some get ups that would be a fashionable to wear. thank you. :)

    • itscamilleco

      Why don’t you dress like a Bond girl? :) A nice black ensemble? :)

  17. Charm Conrado

    G.R.R.R.R!!! I’m so back! And I so love this outfit! Sobra. Talaga. Especially your rockin’ hat. And your super ganda ganda bodysuit!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it deserves more exclamation points! I love it talaga!! But I might wear some cover up sa likod, hehehe. Super love ko talaga. And you look pretty pretty here. Bold eyes + nude lippie, you really look pretty in that combination!!!! G.R.R.R.R!!! :D

  18. abby

    what kind of underwear are you wearing for backless tops/dresses? thank you :)

  19. Tracy Ragudo

    Hello Camille! i really really like how you dress up. :) so pretty.

  20. Roxanne Atienza

    One thing i can say in youre outfit is WOW beautiful!
    Zigzag gold ♥ amazing combination;)i realy like it

  21. judy

    Yeah! Sexy back uh huh!:) This is so sexy, fabulous, chic, cute outfit and oh, the skull candy head phone! Candid shots, especially the last photo♥

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Maine! My assistant did this haha! Babyliss curling iron. The big fat one :)

  22. Ciara

    Hi Camille! This is my 1st comment on your blog even though I’ve been a reader for some months now.
    I really love your outfit. Super striking! :)
    I just want to ask, what kpop groups do you like? :)

  23. Mark U

    I am absolutely in love with that last photo of yours.! So expressive!!!

    Love the cabbie hat. And you do look very k-pop in your outfit. hahaha.

  24. kathleen vila

    Cool Headphones! Gonna buy my own Skullcandy Headphones! I love it. And… It’s the first time I saw you wearing a newsboy cap.. From that, I’ve come up with “Camille’s Escape”… You did look like a Super-superstar in your outfit, like you went into a mall and got chased by paparazzi. Since you wanted to escape from them even just for awhile, you saw that cap and grabbed it to conceal your identity. Then, you went a little further away from them and HAHA! They lost their way!.(The END). See how you ended up with that fashion statement with my imagination? hehe.. :-)

  25. Maria

    you’re really amazing with matching prints! may i know what bra you wore for that mesh top and what model/where did you get those cool skullcandy headphones? thanks!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Maria! I wore stick-ons. :) I got them from SkullcandyPH mismo. Try their FB page for the branches :)

  26. Honey Lyn

    love the mesh back details of the bodysuit! so sexy! ^_^

    can’t take my eyes off your long legs.. kakainggit! hehehe! i’m tall but i’m not blessed to have long legs. prehas lang ang haba ng upper and lower body ko.. kainis! hahaha!

  27. Ainsley Laverne Flores

    I super super love your style!
    You’re my favorite blogger! Always have, always will. ♥

  28. Sephie Rojas

    Even without the headphones (which are totally adorable), you look like a K-Pop star about to perform on stage! :D Which K-Pop group do you like listening to? :3

  29. Dana

    YAY. First to comment in this post.

    I love your outfits, ate Cams.
    They’re incredibly perfect.

  30. Nelle

    Do you have a boyfriend? Because it would be so hard to believe if you don’t have one, considering how beautiful and gorgeous you are. :)

  31. ClarissfromManila

    ate camille , when are you going to post details for the bloggers united bazaar? :) really really wanna come and see you :)

  32. zyrene phi

    woooooowww! glamorous..as always..Thats Camille Co. haha lol!
    Gold? is it your favorite color?? i noticed kasi your always wearing your Casio watch,..^_^
    godbless u miss cams and ur family:))

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Zyrene! I really love gold. :) As for the watch, aside from it being pretty, it’s the one I can easily grab on the way out LOL

  33. JP Vicedo

    Really love the last photo! Bet you’re listening to Calvin Harris – Awooga! Hahaha :)

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