Hello, Iloilo!

A few weeks ago, I made a sneaky escape to Iloilo with my friends for a weekend. It was my first time there so I was really excited. We didn’t really do a lot of touristy things since we just wanted to relax and get away from the city. But boy, was our weekend fun!

KIT garment organizer

For 3 days and 2 nights in a place like Iloilo, you don’t really need to pack much. I didn’t want to check-in any bags so I made sure to pack light. See! My luggage isn’t even half full! Usually, the problem I encounter whenever there’s still so much space inside my bag is that my clothes tend to get messy after the flight. Even with the belt inside the bag already buckled, my stuff just won’t stay put! The solution? A light-weight mesh packing cube/organizer for clothes! I got mine from Keeping It Together (KIT). I’m telling you, it’s the place to go for all your packing needs.

KIT bra container

I even got myself a bra container from KIT to prevent my bras from getting deformed. Also, at least when I have to open my bag unexpectedly, my underwear won’t be revealed for all the world to see.

KIT pink travel kits

As I’ve mentioned, I didn’t want to check my bag in so I had to make sure my toiletries are smaller and lighter as well. I’m using a transparent kit from Keeping It Together. And yes, they’re all pink. Haha!

KIT containers

Isn’t it so easy to travel light with Keeping It Together? Now that I’m all set and ready to go, time to show you a few snapshots from my short trip to Iloilo.

How lucky are the people living in Iloilo? They get to have a view like this. They can hit the beach any time they want!

No trip to Iloilo is complete without their famous La Paz Batchoy. YUM!!! I actually want to show you more photos of the food we ate during our trip but they are just too plenty. I swear, we did nothing but eat the entire time!

In fact, this is probably the only touristy thing we did–visit Bearland Paradise! That’s me… as a bear. Pwede? Pwede!

Look at this place. I wish we have something like this in Manila. Bearland is such a beautiful place!

Of course, this is where I took my outfit shots. I’m sure you were already expecting this. How can I let this scenic backdrop go to waste?

No heels here! You know me, when it’s time to relax and have fun, flats are always my go-to shoes. These blue suede flats are from Tory Burch. These are probably the comfiest pair of Tory Burch flats that I own. They have cushions on them, literally!

I’m so sorry for my extra angry-looking face (and here I thought my default face couldn’t get any angrier). I think the sun at Iloilo shines brighter than Manila haha! No really, it was so hard to open my eyes the entire time. This is me trying my hardest to look fierce whilst squinting. I reckon I deserve a slow clap from you. Slow clap naman diyan!

What to do when the sun have already completely blinded you? Pretend you’re taking a dramatic photo! Do the classic blogger pose: look down. Haha!

Mango denim top

Yhansy necklace

Watch Factory Casio watch | From Hong Kong bracelet

Tory Burch suede flats

Pinkaholic skirt

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Let me end this post with this photo. This is for all the sweet readers I met at Iloilo. :) Thank you for all the nice words and thoughtful gifts. You guys are the best! (Hi, Khea(?), Camille and Dominique!) Until my next trip there!

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  1. Invi

    Hi camille :) nxt tym you go back to iloilo, try going to our school at CPU :)
    It’s a nice place to hang out :D

  2. Fei

    wow…iloilo…i saw ur pictures when u were hanging out in plazuela de iloilo with lauren, champ etc..my highschool frnds has snapshots with u..#envy…
    i’m in cebu right now but will be home for dinagyang..hope u cud come but i doubt if u can, with u who has a busy sched..haha!..u should experience it..its a lot of fun…maybe u will be in cebu for sinulog?,since kryz uy and u are pals?..hehe!..wanna see u cams..barbie alive :)

    • itscamilleco

      Yes! I can’t wait to go to Cebu this weekend! :) Dinagyang, however, I can’t na :( Too busy!

  3. Net

    hi Camille, I was wondering when r u going to change ur haircolor and hairstyle for 2013?

  4. suzaenne

    hello ate cams! you are so pretty. you are my #1 inspiration when it comes to fashion. i wanna be like you someday. you are just amazing! stay pretty always and keep inspiring your readers.:))) Godbless!!

  5. Jennifer Li

    Im shocked its your first time pala.. there are lots of nice places in the Philippines undiscovered..

  6. Molly

    It looks more of like seducing not angry :p I remember the cartoon daddy long legs (familiar? :p) because of the legs.
    btw, have u found your bright red lipstick? :) My mom suggested Revlon’s Just Bitten Lipstain+balm in Gothic shade:)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha really? I’m not familiar with that cartoon! I’ll check Revlon too!

  7. Isay

    really glad you enjoyed your escape here! but so sad i didnt even get a chance to see you!. Oh well, this means there is next time! haha. Love, @killedfishbone

      • Isay

        i hope you give us a tweet before you do so we could meet and even just say hi!!(but i wont mind spending the rest of my time that youre here to tour you around!) :D

  8. Jawie

    aww. I’m very disappointed hindi kita nakita. it’s my birthday wish to see you. =(

  9. Daris

    Hi ate Camille! Im so glad you like Iloilo! Sayang wasnt able to see you when you’re still here. I hope next time na visit mo dito sa Iloilo, I’ll see you in person na. :) btw, love your looks!:)

  10. Krys

    Camille, how do you get the clouds to show? It’s ugh! Whenever I take mine, it’s either the clouds only or me only.

  11. Tamara Soberano

    Omg! You came here in Iloilo? Aaaaaaah! Sana nalaman ko! I’m so frustrated. We’re kilometers away nalang eh! :(
    Hope you could come back sooooon. So love your skirt, btw. <3 Pretty Camille. xoxo

  12. Mark U

    Aaah… White sandy beaches with the deep blue sea going as far as the eye can see. I’m not much of a beach person but gotta admit that’ it’s something I wish HK had.

    And you? Angry face? Di naman, mukhang suplada lang hahaha..

    OT: That is one out of place Polar Bear….

    • itscamilleco

      Hahahaha I’m not denying that! Mukha naman talaga suplada haha! :) Don’t mess with the bear. >(

  13. Rob Leocario

    hi camille….. my friend paulo posted a photo of him with you…. i think it was at Flow. haha. di man lang sya nag text.. kahit alam na nya kung gaano kita gustong makita… Biggest fan here.. lol anlapit lang ng apartment ko sa smallville….. pero i know babalik ka dito…. sana by that time i’ll get my own snapshot of you.. :) i will always be your biggest fan… woot!

    • Isay

      hoy, comment ka rin dito ha! haha. kainis di natin xa nakita. Nang Marifa told me nkpapicture rin xa sa flow. ugh. haha. inggit talaga ako, hindi ma deny!haha. Anyway, next time talaga. :)

  14. Honey Lyn

    I just checked KIT’s site. I love their garment organizer, medicine organizer, containers, gold glass pump spray, and most esp. the bra container! so cute! :)

  15. Myka Denila

    Awww, why do I always have wrong timing! I always check on Twitter for your updates (and Laureen’s too!) in hopes that I could catch my favorite fashion bloggers here in Iloilo! My friends have made me jealous when they saw you partying in Smallville and you were just inches away from them :( I’ll get my chance next time! Hope you visit more often :*

  16. Geranel

    In Iloilo , you’ll definitely love the place. I hope you had a great experience here. I also hope that you love our Lapaz Batchoy. It’s really delicious. I hope to see you someday in person. You really have a great taste in fashion.

  17. Geranel

    Aww. It’s so good to be in Iloilo. I hope that you had fun here. I hope that you’ll pack the experiences. Proud to be :)

  18. nonoy javellana

    H! Camille,

    I will add your entry to Iloilo City pages that I maintain at G+

    I don’t do FB coz its sooo commercialize + masyadong magulo, G+ is much more focused on things & its peaceful too ;)

    Nice & kewl blog post about Bearland. I have been there.

    There are other gorgeous resorts in Iloilo + guimaras. So I suggest you come back for more ;)


  19. dee manalo

    hi ms. camille…. i’m from iloilo city…wow…i’m so happy that you enjoyed your trip there…

    and also you tasted the batchoy…how was it? ^_^

    I miss iloilo so much coz i’m working in manila now..

    I love your outfit in this blog…I am an avid fan of yours..I really look up to you..

    Take care godbless ♥

  20. Melissa Denishka

    I had fun reading this post :))) Haha especially the part where you told your readers about the diff poses :)))) So that’s the story behind the photo :P maka-try nga HAHHA :))

  21. Colt Nava

    Waaaa sooo jealousss :( 1 more boat ride nalang sana and voila! you’re here na in Bacolod! haha.. maybe next time! Hope to see you in my 9-hour waiting in vain for my manila-hk trip. Hay super tagal ang hihintayin ko, and to make things worst, hindi ako connecting flight kaya karga karga ko luggage ko haha… I’m just really really hoping na meron kang gig or photoshoot chuva near the airport para I can say hi hehe.. medyo I’ll be stuck there for a veryyy long time eh, so seeing you will cheer me up for sure :D

    • itscamilleco

      Oh why! That’s quite a long time! :( Bring lots of magazines and series with you so that you can kill time :)

    • itscamilleco

      I don’t know haha! I just give it to our help and tell her not to soak them :)

  22. zyrene phi

    cute.. love the outfit again.. pretty mo.. but i notice u loose weight??hahah i dont know.. baka sa damit lang!! whats the color of your hair miss cams??

    • itscamilleco

      I did? Oh no! I don’t know what color it’s called eh. Light brown? Dark blonde? Haha!

  23. Sephie Rojas

    The air is definitely fresher in Ilo-ilo. I used to go there a lot during Summer and around July to celebrate my late great-grandfather’s birthday. :) Everything there is just so fresh. Wish we had the same fresh air here in Manila >.<

  24. Roxanne Atienza

    My mom is from ilo-ilo. I wish to go there in summer.
    I realy love beach ♥.

    I like your denim top and skirt miss camille.
    Youre so pretty ;)(smile from me to You)

    godbless ♥

  25. judy

    Such a beautiful place to relax. A slow clap for you and ♥ for that tiis ganda shot :)

  26. Tasha D.

    Baka matunaw ng sun ang contact lens mo! chos! Ang tragic lang ng ganap mo nun sa Iloilo if ever. haha! Buti you’re always aware you have your contact lens on! Nakatulog ka na ba minsan without removing them? o kaya took a bath or swim?

    • itscamilleco

      Yes! I usually take a swim with my contacts on. I’m not naman an intense swimmer haha And I really can’t open my eyes underwater even with no contacts on. :) Ever since I switched to FreshLook, it’s easier to remove my contacts. Diba when you forget to take them off, by the time you wake, it’s so hard to remove them? Fresh Look lenses are kinda thick so not so much. :)

  27. Abby

    In fairness Ate Camille, bumenta sa’kin yung ‘angry-looking face’ mo. :))) This look is love!

  28. Shannen

    You look like Barbie in your poses. hihihi. Loveeeeeeet! :”)
    Anyway, why don’t you come to Bacolod Camille.. PLEASE?!?? I think you’ll star struck me. hehe.

  29. Kirstie

    My friends texted me the minute they saw you guys in Plazuela. I was so jealous but anyways, I hoped you enjoy your Iloilo trip! :))

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