Fit In

One can never have too many red clothes, especially when you’re Chinese. There are just too many occasions that call for wearing red that I can no longer count how many times I’ve thought to myself, “where the hell did all my red clothes go?!” This is why from now on, I’ve made a conscious effort […]


That Perfect Little Something

It’s official, folks. Summer has arrived, at least for those of us who live in the Philippines. It’s been getting hotter and hotter each day, I feel like I’m melting like ice cream. So how do I keep cool? I turn up my AC, wear the thinnest clothes and… make myself the #PerfectCoke. What’s the […]


Come Closer

You know summer is around the corner when Nivea’s invite to its annual beach getaway arrives at your doorstep. This year, the world’s most trusted skin care brand whisked us away to Balesin for an exciting couple of days filled with all sorts of fun under the sun. We toured around the exclusive island, played […]


Putting My Charm On

New year, new set of charms. This time, instead of a necklace, I got a bracelet with a locket full of charms. Remember the time when charm bracelets were all the rage? Practically every girl in my school had one. It must’v been pretty annoying for the boys back then. Every time a girl walked […]


Back With A Vengeance

Bring out your maxi dresses and maxi skirts girls, boho chic is back with a vengeance this 2015. I still remember it like yesterday when this trend hit it big. I’m not talking about the late 60s to early 70s obviously. I wasn’t even born yet at that time. I’m referring to the late 2000s […]


Part Ways

Center slits are tricky things. They’re striking as ever but make one wrong move and you’re sure to give the world a show. (And no, it’s not the kind of show you’d be proud of.) So what’s a girl in a skirt with a center slit supposed to do? You can’t walk around a paranoid […]


Wind In My Hair, Sand Beneath My Feet

Us girls and our cravings–it’s a deadly relationship. We crave, we pig out and then when the time comes to hit the beach, we regret. It’s a never-ending cycle, one that my girlfriends and I always seem to find ourselves in. So what do I do aside from regretting ever succumbing to my delicious cravings? […]


Olive And Gold

Silk and leather make one hell of a sexy combination. Even though they’re total opposites when it comes to texture and the way they fall, it still makes perfect sense to wear them together. I guess it’s because nothing screams luxury more than these two. Put them in metallic hues and you’ve got yourself a winner! Usually, […]


Summer Breeze

I’ve been dying to shoot at Balesin’s Mykonos Village since the first time I visited it a few years back. At that time, certain areas of the village were still under construction so I’m glad I got to visit it again with Nivea. As you can see from this and my previous Balesin post, red, white and […]


I Spy With My Little Eye

It’s been a long time since I last bought a simple bodycon dress like this. I’ve been staying away from them in preparation for my older years– when my metabolism can no longer save me from my constant pig out impluses and I don’t have the patience to work out anymore. But there’s something about this dress that […]