Start Fresh

I guess I can’t sit with Regina George then. I wore pink too early in the week. Movies like “Mean Girls” bring me back to the good old days, when I was still in school, buried in my books. Even so, I’ve always paid attention to the way I dress. Skinny jeans, in particular, were my […]


Sky High

A couple of years ago, you would’ve never seen me brush my hair up like this–at least, not voluntarily. My bangs were my safety net. I couldn’t go out without them! It’s as if I’m able to hide part of my insecurities under my bangs. LOL! I’m sure most of you can relate. Us girls, we tend […]


Rooftop Madness

Don’t worry, I didn’t dye my hair back to blonde. I’m still very much a brunette now. These are just some of the past style shots that I haven’t posted yet. If you remember, I went to Cebu for an event and this is what I wore to it–a dizzying cropped top from Lovers + Friends […]


Willkommen In Berlin!

Hello from Berlin! I’ve been here since the 1st of August upon the invite of Germany’s Foreign Office. It’s been a busy few days filled with meetings and sightseeing but like a true blogger, I wanted to squeeze in a quick update from the land of the young and hip. I’m actually on my way […]


Coming of Age

I thought I’d dress a bit more mature today. I am, after all, past the quarter life mark. I remember when I was younger, my mom wouldn’t allow me to wear colors like these. She said they would make me look older than my age. I guess you can say it’s my mom who instilled […]


Square Peg

No boss or company dress code should ever stop you from finding ways to make your business attire interesting. Sure, there’s probably a sad sad sad boss out there (emphasis on the “sad”) who hates anything colorful or is a little too conservative for his/her own good, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick […]


Resort Living

Don’t you just love resort dressing? No frills, just pure comfort and simplicity. Maybe it’s because you don’t really need much when you have a backdrop like this. An easy outfit like my Inca Abaya dress from British brand Pitusa is all you need. It’s that perfect lazy dress, effortless but still sophisticated as ever. […]


Travel Diary: My Love From The Star

Here it is, the blog post all you K-drama fans have been waiting for–my visit to the “My Love From The Star” (or “You Who Came From The Star”) exhibit located at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. I don’t really watch a lot of K-dramas but because I’ve been hearing so many good things about this multi-awarded […]


Travel Diary: Seoul Tower

Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower is one of Seoul, Korea’s most famous landmarks. This 777 feet tall communication and observation tower sits atop Namsan Mountain and marks the city’s highest point. It’s the perfect place to bid Seoul goodbye, don’t you think? You can reach the Seoul Tower in various ways–by car, bus, subway and even cable […]


Travel Diary: Lee Moon Won + Han River Cruise

Our third day in Korea was totally a “me day”, dedicated to spoiling all of us rotten. After shopping to our hearts’ content at Myeong-dong, we were whisked off to the Lee Moon Won Korean Medicine Clinic located at the posh area of Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam to give our hair a little TLC. Dr. Lee Moon Won specializes in […]