Travel Diary: Nijo Castle

The Nijo-jo or Nijo Castle is one of the few remaining castles in Japan that showcases traditional palace architecture of Japan’s feudal era. It’s definitely not as in-your-face flamboyant as European castles and possesses a more subtle kind of grandeur, but nevertheless, still worth a visit. The biggest difference I noticed between the two is […]


Take It To The Streets

When you scroll down the very end of this post, you’ll see the photo of me risking my life just a little. I don’t know what got into me but I just thought, “hey, wouldn’t if be cool to get in the middle of this busy street and pose there?” At first, it seemed like something […]


20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I’m finally making a personal blog post after so long! If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time I’m doing this (but please do correct me if wrong). I noticed a lot of you have been tagging me on Instagram to make my very own “20 things you didn’t know about me” post so […]


True Blue

Remember when color blocking was such a huge trend? It may not be as big now but it’s still a huge check in my book. You see, trends may come and go, but if something looks good, trendy or not, it still looks good. Plain and simple. No fashion forecast can ever change that. So […]


Think Pink

As much as I love Christmas, let’s face it–it’s gotta be the most fattening holiday of the year. The parties never end, and food and booze just keep coming. Prepare to say sayonara to that flat tummy of yours because it’ll disappear along with 2014. It’s inevitable, we’re all bound to pack on a few […]


Lounging Around In Bali

Judging from the pictures below, I’m sure there’s no need to explain why we kept coming back to Seminyak Beach’s Potato Head. I could’ve spent an entire day here–swimming, lounging around, listening to good music, sipping cocktails and enjoying scrumptious food. It’s got everything going for it and has all the right ingredients that make it the […]


In Full Bloom

It’s hard not to get all girly when you’ve got a skirt like this that’s pinker than Nicki Minaj’s lipstick and poofier than Mary Poppins’ skirt. It automatically makes you want to sit, walk and talk like a lady. Of course, I twirled like a lady too. (Hand me a full skirt and you know it’s […]


Dazzle Me

Forgive me but I have to keep this entry short and sweet. Sunny Boracay and it’s cool waves are already calling out to me and I am not strong enough to resist them for long. So without further ado, here’s my outfit post for the day–a beautifully embellished corset top and a fun electric blue […]


One Skirt, Two Looks (Look #2)

You’ve seen the first look I styled using this skirt yesterday so here’s the second one I came up with. If the previous one was classy and sophisticated, this one is much more young and flirty. It’s for the fun and outgoing girls out there so I hope you like it! To keep it sexy, […]


Nothing Like The Swiss Alps

It seems like everywhere you go in Switzerland, the snow-covered mountains look like they’re just a few steps away. Part of me (a very silly part of me) wants to just reach out and maybe, just maybe, I’d be able to touch them and discover that they were actually just painted on my background. They’re […]