Soul Surf

I heard so many good things about last year’s Soul Surf that when I got invited to the event this year, I knew I shouldn’t miss out. It’s an annual event held at La Union where local and international music acts come together for 3 days and 2 nights. People from all over the country flock […]


Ride The Waves

I’m no surfer but La Union sure makes me want to become one. Maybe it’s because La Union isn’t as intimidating as the rest. It’s got a laidback vibe, one that’s welcoming to newbies like me. In fact, the first time I tried surfing was here. I stumbled so many times but there’s something about La Union’s […]


IWC Gala Dinner

After attending the Timeless Portofino Exhibit earlier in the day, I was in for an even more glamorous evening at the Grand Hyatt Hotel with my friend Laureen. We were both invited to IWC’s Gala Dinner starring Cate Blanchette and guests of honor Peter Lindbergh, Zhou Xun and Karolina Kurkova. It was definitely a star-studded event with not […]


Color Me Pink

It’s not obvious I like pink, isn’t it? I mean, this outfit is just so subtle, you won’t even be able to tell. Sarcasm aside, I’ve always been a pink-lover. It was my favorite color as a kid, all the way until my teenage years. This is probably Barbie’s fault. She programmed me into thinking […]


Beau Rivage Palace

When you think about luxury accommodations in Switzerland, the Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne easily comes to mind. This historical hotel has witnessed plenty of momentous occasions since 1861 and has been home to a lot of famous personalities like Victor Hugo, Charlie Chaplin, Coco Chanel, Nelson Mandela and Tina Turner. The hotel garnered so many awards […]


Nothing Like The Swiss Alps

It seems like everywhere you go in Switzerland, the snow-covered mountains look like they’re just a few steps away. Part of me (a very silly part of me) wants to just reach out and maybe, just maybe, I’d be able to touch them and discover that they were actually just painted on my background. They’re […]


The Alps

Sorting through my photos from Switzerland and I just can’t contain my excitement any longer. The view is heavenly. The mountains always feel like they’re a stones throw away.  I still have a few blog posts to make before I get to these photos so I wanted to give you a sneak peek for now. […]


Cobalt Blue

Now this is a sexy jumpsuit perfect for all the parties you’ll be attending. It’s the kind of outfit you should wear when you’re not entirely sure if the attire for the party is dressy or casual, because it can go both ways. Just wear a blazer over it during the day (or not, if you’re […]


All In The Details

Green and blue, one of the many tried and tested color combinations I’ve been telling you about over and over again. Don’t they go well with each other? Like coffee and milk, peanut butter and jam, salt and pepper, Kanye and Kim? LOL! Just kidding. Although you must admit, Kanye and Kim do seem like […]


Beach Baby!

One of the many perks of blogging? Getting to travel to beautiful places like this for work! The Philippines has the most beautiful beaches in the world so when I got invited to join the Antistax event in Balesin’s private resort, I immediately said yes. Just look at this view! It’s breathtaking. I couldn’t pass […]

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