Let’s Make Forever Count

It’s officially May…which means there’s only 19 more days before #CloseUpForeverSummer!!! Woohoooo! Can you believe this will be the last one EVER? I sure can’t. I’m still in a bit of denial actually. But there’s no point in sulking so I’ve decided to make this one the BEST one ever. Who’s with me? Let’s make the […]


Ho Chi Minh

My short trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam was the most relaxed trip I’ve ever had last year. I had no itinerary planned so I had no idea what to expect. Good thing I had a friend who was familiar with the city to show me around. It was still a pretty chill schedule though. […]


Second Chances

There’s no shortage of beaches here in the Philippines. You’ve probably figured that out already through my countless blog posts featuring clear blue skies, fine sand and enchanting waters. For this reason alone, I think my constant need to buy new swimsuits is justified. (Hi Mom, are you reading this? LOL.) My latest swimwear hoarding […]


What I’d Wear

Who’s excited for another round of Closeup Forever Summer? I know I am! Today’s style post was actually inspired by it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then let me fill you in on some deets. Closeup Forever Summer is a music festival brought to you by one of the most-loved brands in […]


Putting My Charm On

New year, new set of charms. This time, instead of a necklace, I got a bracelet with a locket full of charms. Remember the time when charm bracelets were all the rage? Practically every girl in my school had one. It must’v been pretty annoying for the boys back then. Every time a girl walked […]


The Ruins

I must admit, I don’t think I’m able to give The Ruins justice in these photos. The famous landmark of Talisay is so much more than what I was able to capture. Since I was in town during Bacolod’s popular Masskara festival, a lot of tourists were there as well so it was a bit challenging to take a proper photo of […]


Travel Diary: Lee Moon Won + Han River Cruise

Our third day in Korea was totally a “me day”, dedicated to spoiling all of us rotten. After shopping to our hearts’ content at Myeong-dong, we were whisked off to the Lee Moon Won Korean Medicine Clinic located at the posh area of Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam to give our hair a little TLC. Dr. Lee Moon Won specializes in […]


Travel Diary: Myeongdong Shopping

When you arrange a trip with fashion bloggers, you know shopping MUST be part of the itinerary. It’s a given. It’s practically a crime if you don’t let us shop, especially when we’re at one of the most fashionable cities in the world! So come our third day in Korea, we were finally given the chance […]


Travel Diary: Experiencing Korea’s Old And New

After our trip to Namhansanseong Fortress, our guide took us for a short walk around the neighborhood. She said we had a special lunch set up just a few miles away. It was a beautiful neighborhood full of trees and traditional-looking houses so I didn’t really mind the walk. It felt like I was in a K-drama […]


Travel Diary: Namhansanseong Fortress

Our second day in South Korea with AirAsia and Korea Tourism Office started with a visit to another fortress called Namhansanseong, which literally means “South Han Mountain Fortress”. It’s located in the province of Gyeonggi-do but in a different city called Gwangju-si. This soon-to-be UNESCO World Heritage site is believed to have been built during King Onjo’s […]

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