Second Chances

There’s no shortage of beaches here in the Philippines. You’ve probably figured that out already through my countless blog posts featuring clear blue skies, fine sand and enchanting waters. For this reason alone, I think my constant need to buy new swimsuits is justified. (Hi Mom, are you reading this? LOL.)

My latest swimwear hoarding actually happened a few months back when I saw all the yummy new prints at Roxy. This one I’m wearing here is my favorite. It’s not hanger pretty–you know, the type of clothing that doesn’t really look attractive on the rack but then once you try it on, fireworks! You see girls, you can’t dismiss certain things too hastily–especially swimwear. You’ve got to try them on and see how the color and fit work for you body and skin tone. Much like men, don’t be too quick to judge them. You’ll never know, he, I mean, IT might be the one.

Topman hat | Roxy swimsuit and shorts | Aldo sandals

25 Responses to “Second Chances”
  1. J

    What camera do you use to take all these beautiful shots Camille?
    They are awesome!

  2. maebs

    another prints on prints. the swimsuit and the shorts are match made in heaven. haha :)

  3. Katrin Tuaño

    I agree. I’m actually not a fan of sophisticated busy prints but you’ll never know if it suits you unless you try. It’s just goes to show that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. ;) so cool how these 2 prints compliment each other. Love it <3

  4. Mary Ann

    It’s really pretty and I like the prints Miss Camille! :) The prints help create an illusion and cover the not so attractive parts like fats :D

  5. Jehan M.

    yeah I agree..we are blessed with beaches here in the Philippines. mabuhay ang Pinas! the style too.

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