La Dolce Vita With FitFlop

I must admit, I’ve never owned a single pair of FitFlop prior to this trip. I’ve always heard good things about them though. “They’re super comfortable!” is always the first thing my friends would say whenever they rave about their FitFlop. I was just always quick to dismiss the brand and say they’re not for me. But then last February, Fitflop whisked me away to a weekend of relaxation and luxury at the island paradise of Panglao, Bohol to launch its Spring Summer collection for 2015. I got the opportunity to actually get to know the brand, its design philosophy and basically everything it has to offer. It was a great way for me to get acquainted with Fitflop, especially because I never really gave it the time of day prior to this trip.

Fitflop sure showed me. I eventually ate my words.

With over 24 distributors to 62 countries worldwide, Fitflop has sold more than 20 million pairs of shoes to satisfied customers all over the globe. The secret to its success? Delivering the best in biometrics in its footwear to make sure you have the most comfortable shoes to wear for every situation. Fitflop’s first creation was the triple-density Microwobbleboard midsole which was launched in its first Fitflop sandal. Now, Fitflop adds the newer Biomimetix and Supercomff midsoles (both biomechanically engineered to diffuse underfoot pressure and deliver world-class ergonomic comfort) to suit its wider range of silhouettes. You see, I didn’t know this (because I’m too judge-y) but Fitflop actually has slim sandals, clogs, sneakers, loafers and even boots! When I saw its Spring Sumer 2015 collection inspired by the French Riviera coastline, I was pleasantly surprised that it’s actually so different from the Fitflop I THOUGHT I knew. Check out some of the designs below and see for yourself. My favorites are the minimalist mandals that I can totally picture with my androgynous outfits.

26 Responses to “La Dolce Vita With FitFlop”
  1. Rochin Dutchilla

    you look gorgeous ms. camille love your blog as always :)

  2. Lourine

    Helloooo Cams! Just dropping by. Di na ko nakakatambay sa blog mo like before. Dumadami na ang dapat gawin. I miss you and your blog! Btw, I was watching Paul and Toni’s wedding coverage last night. It was so inspiring. Tapos when I imagine my wedding and wedding gown, of course, I imagine you designing it. Hehe. Share lang. I miss you :)

  3. armyn torres

    wow! will buy that! hahaha i wish they have size 10 or 11 XD

  4. angel

    Bought 2 pairs of fitflops and i can say that its really worth it.d msakit xa paa

  5. Ann

    When i saw you’re post that you are in Bohol, i thought you are just having some vacation.^^ But when i read this one you really had a great time in Bohol. I’ve been there also and the place is so relaxing. Regarding with fitflop, they are one of the savior to my rough travel days, they are really very comfortable and the designs and styles really in the trend that’s why it’s not boring to look at.

  6. nique

    You were missing it then flip flops for beach or pool setting was always a thing… i love the ones you showed to really cute ♥

  7. anne-marie

    I have a pair of sandals; but it is with a sole compensated 10 centimeters

    :D :D :D

  8. Mary Ann

    My super fave Fitflop! ;) They really are super comfy Miss Camille! They are my favorites when I know i’ll be walking for hours. I’m planning to buy another pair soon.

    • Camille Co

      Hmmm not right now but check out their Instagram accounts :)

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