Fall Shoe Must-Haves

I wanted to share with you another article I made for Beautybook.ph. It’s something you shoeaholics would love. I hope you like it! ——————————– We may not have fall/winter season here in our country but it doesn’t mean we should miss out on the season’s shoe must-haves. The key here is to weed out styles that  don’t suit our weather […]


A Touch Of Denim

White on white will never grow old in my book. It’s always so easy on the eyes, no matter what style and silhouette it’s in. Nevertheless, I do understand why there are some people who avoid it like a plague. Wearing white clothes can get a little tricky. Aside from it being unforgiving, it’s also hard […]


Dreaming Of Spring

While some parts of the world are still experiencing cold weather, we here have been feeling the hot summer sun more and more these days. Every morning, I keep looking for outfits in lightweight fabric to keep me cool for the rest of the day. (And no, I don’t mean figuratively. But then again, that […]


Show Me The Money

People often ask me when I find the time to take my outfit shots. I’m always so busy and on the go, it can get a little challenging. My solution? If there’s even the slightest down time, I grab it and make the most out of whatever I find. Like this location, for example. It’s […]


DIY: Fringe and Fishnet

As promised, here’s my first ever Do-It-Yourself blog post! I got so inspired by my DIY talk for Goody’s Come Play event that I thought why not share a snippet of it here? I actually wrote this article first for BeautyBook.ph published here. DIY projects are fun, resourceful and most of all, practical. Unleash your inner Martha […]


Birds Of Paradise

Here’s what I wore to the last Bloggers United Bazaar. For those of who waited for me to arrive, I apologize once again for arriving so late! Taking these outfit shots was the major cause of my delay. Why you may ask? The most random thing happened to my blogger friend Lissa and I. We […]


Open The Drapes

How do you beat the intense heat of the sun? With an equally hot dress, of course! Style Staple always sends me the sexiest dresses, I end up keeping them in my closet until I find the perfect occasion to wear them to, or the confidence to wear them out–whichever comes first. LOL! In this […]


Ravishing Red

As you look through my photos on this blog post, you’ll notice that I’m looking away in most of them. As much as I would like to say that  I was just emoting to death to get points for drama and overall impact, this wasn’t the case. Brilliant old me decided to take photos while […]


High & Mighty

A few months back, I had a shoot arranged by Infinite Flame Digital Solutions with L.A.-based photographer Louie Aguila at Fernbrook – Portofino, Alabang. I’ve already seen some of the photos from the shoot but before I post those, let me share with you a few of the shots I managed to take using my […]


Give Me Givenchy

A few weeks back, I went to Hong Kong again for a short vacation with my sister. It was the first time after a very long time that we went on a trip again, just the 2 of us. Of course, aside from the usual shopping and bonding moments, like everyone else who travels with […]

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