A Touch Of Denim

White on white will never grow old in my book. It’s always so easy on the eyes, no matter what style and silhouette it’s in. Nevertheless, I do understand why there are some people who avoid it like a plague. Wearing white clothes can get a little tricky. Aside from it being unforgiving, it’s also hard to find the right underwear for it. Not to worry though. If you need a quick fix, you can always just style your way around it. Wear a long blazer or tie a shirt around your waist like how I did. Not that my clothes are revealing or anything, but I thought I’d show you an example so that you can finally wear that white on white outfit you’ve been wanting to flaunt. Just a simple tip for all of you fashionistas out there.

Speaking of fashion tips, if you want more styling tips from me, you must check out the #StyleKoAyosDito challenge I’m part of. It’s a styling contest among myself and my fellow bloggers David and Patricia. Who here wants to be part of Team Camille? Help me create runway-worthy urban street style outfits! All you have to do is post an ad/s of your pre-loved fashion accessories, bags, shoes and clothing that you want to sell to me on AyosDito.ph. Make sure to put “TeamCamille” on both your ad title and ad description. Then, tweet me the link to your ad with the hashtags #TeamCamille and #StyleKoAyosDito to increase your chances of being part of my team. If I like what you’re selling, I’ll buy your item and invite you meet-up with me. I’ll share my fashion tips with you as we brainstorm about our outfits for the contest. Exciting, right? I’ll post more details next time but for now, start putting your ads on AyosDito.ph and visit this link for the full mechanics.

SM Accessories earrings I Love NL Clothing top and shorts | From Paris denim shirt | SM Accessories cuff Fendi bag Valentino heels

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  1. maebs

    love this outfit :) white’s hot :) Btw, I saw you on etcetera and you were featured in their last capsule and I’m so kilig when I saw you were featured again. :)

  2. celine ong

    Just received a text from Ayos.ph that I’m a part of #TeamCamille! So excited to meet one of my favorite local bloggers! :)

  3. Jesslyn

    Hey, Camille! I love your outfits. You are very fashionable. Love your white-on-white outfit. It is really cute.

    P.S. Please check out my blog and send me some comment or suggestion about it. Since I am quite new on blog, I need some suggestions from blog expert like you. Thank you :)

  4. Christelle Malit

    OMG i’m already thinking of stuffs that hopefully you’ll like ate cams! Gosh i hope you can pick any of my item because i would really love to meet you! btw love your ootd (all of your ootds actually) hahaha :* <3

  5. mich yangco

    WAAHHH. I can’t put the “hashtag” on my ad title. i’m dying right now x.x i really want to join #TeamCamille hoho

    • Camille Co

      I think kahit TeamCamille lang is okay then tweet me na lang with the hashtag :)

  6. Liana

    the first that i saw this outfit was on instagram and i said “wow she was so gorgeous where she get that!” hehe.. I really love white! when you see closet most of my clothes are since it can blend all colors. Go team camille!! i want to join however i don’t have any items that will fit in. Good luck guys :)

  7. Anna Clarissa Caraga

    Hello Camille — sent you an email to this address inqiure@itscamilleco.com but it bounced. We’re looking to invite you as a guest speaker this coming November. Kindly send me your email address so we can discuss the details. Looking forward to working with you!

    Thanks so much!

    ~ Anna Clarissa Caraga (Club Moderator, Immaculate Conception Academy – Greenhills)

  8. Ericka Garcia

    I guess I’ll be needing a great denim jacket. :-) Love the look, Ms. Camille, especially the shorts! :)

    Ericka Garcia

  9. Maria Hazel

    I really like your styling Ms. Camille! I’ve been blogging for than a year but I am not really consistent about it tho. You are one of my inspiration to keep on going and dreaming to be like you someday. :)

    PS. I super like your fancy Valentino sandals! No hassle on walking.


  10. Katrin Tuano

    Nothing could go wrong with white on white! It’s just a statement ensemble. Clean, classy, and elegant! Love how you included that denim shirt there. Casual feels. And again, don’t get me started with your Valentino sandals. Huhu.

    I’ll always be part of Team Camille of course! But I’m afraid I can’t sell anything hahahahaha I don’t think they’re sell worthy especially that you’re buying them hahaha. Sigh* and btw, are we not allowed to sell non fashion items? Hehe Thanks

    • Camille Co

      Hey sell anything! We can always rework them and alter them! Go na! :) Kailangan fashion items only because we’ll use it for a fashion show and we’ll style them together :)

  11. Gala

    Ngeh.. napamigay ko na most of my stuff.. haist! Haha. I regularly do a “cleansing” or “purging” to make way for new stuff haha.

  12. Khayrin

    I agree with the tragedy of innerwear. HAHAHA! I had the same problem when I had my stand out white gradbook pictorial. LOL

  13. Anne

    I love white on white too Cams especially with gold accessories! I initially thought you were wearing rompers but when I scrolled down, I realized they’re actually separates. It’s the denim shirt effect. Cool! And again another pair of Valentino rockstuds. I haven’t gotten over your nude pointed toe ones and now those babies are tugging on my fashion-lover heart strings again. HAHA.


  14. Clariss

    One more problem with white on white is you need to be cautious whenever you sit or move hahaha stain attractor :( but nevertheless white on white combo is still perf!!!

    TeamCamille all the way ako ate cams!!! I hope that I’ll win this time. I already posted many items up and tweeted. Hope you’ll check them out and like them ate cams. I hope that we can win this together! Hahaha masyado naman ata akong umaasa nanaman :(( hahaha sana this time talaga luck and God’s blessing would be on my side cause i want this more than anything :) well good luck to all of us :)

    TeamCamille fighting!!!

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