Fall Shoe Must-Haves

I wanted to share with you another article I made for Beautybook.ph. It’s something you shoeaholics would love. I hope you like it!


We may not have fall/winter season here in our country but it doesn’t mean we should miss out on the season’s shoe must-haves. The key here is to weed out styles that  don’t suit our weather and focus on key trends that work. Here are a few of my picks. Granted, everyone’s must-haves will vary based on her preferences and lifestyle but hopefully you’ll find a few interesting ones on this list that you can either take note of or modify to suit your taste.

1. Ankle Boots

Whenever fall/winter comes around, almost every store in the metro stocks their shelves with boots of all shapes and sizes. Now I know it’s tempting to buy those knee high boots because they’re sexy as hell. But if you live in a tropical country and have no plans of going abroad, please try your best to stay away from them. Stick to ankle boots instead. They’re equally stylish and will only attract the good kind of glances your way. What they lack in height, they make up for in style and character. Just take a look at my picks below!

From top left, clockwise:  Pull And Bear ankle boots with hardware detail  Sam Edelman sand boot | Asos Amsterdam Chelsea ankle boots | Laurence Dacade boots with gold buckles | Jil Sander boots with silver hardware

2. Booties With A Twist

Booties are mainstays during fall/winter season. All the hottest brands come out with their own version so make sure you invest in booties with a twist–those that you can wear not only on casual days but on happening night outs as well. I suggest booties that show a little skin, like my choices below. You can even wear them all year round!

From top left, clockwise: Giuseppe Zanotti wine booties | Narciso Rodriguez cream booties | Alexander Wang cut-out boots | Alexander Wang ankle strap boots | Senso Sienna II Black Ankle Strap Cut-out Boots

3. Chunky Honey

Despite the return of the sexy stilettos, chunky heels are still very much in the game–especially with the rise of normcore and androgynous dressing. To keep it sleek and a million miles away from tacky-ville, try to avoid platform heels.

From top left, clockwise: Aldo heels | Fendi cream heels | Whistles Poppy 2 Part Heels | Asos Hand in Hand sandals | Givenchy heels

4. Date Night

Here’s where we’re lucky. We get to wear sexy sandals and open-toe heels all year round! So for date nights, wear strappy heels that are subtly seductive. Take note of the word subtle! The key is to find heels that have thin straps so that they don’t look overly come hither.

From top left, clockwise: Asos Happy Go Lucky heels | Givenchy black and white heels | Givenchy black ankle strap heels | Jimmy Choo metallic gold heels | Steve Madden blue suede heels

5. Shine Bright

If the -ber months are here, it means the holidays are near! And when the holidays are near, everything that’s shiny and bright come out to cheer. (I tried to make it rhyme. I really did. Please appreciate my effort.) Shoes are no exception. Everything from metallic leather to glittered and embellished fabric are welcome.

From top left, clockwise: Asos Send Him Away lace-up heels | 3.1 Phillip Lim flats | Jimmy Choo glitter heels | Jimmy Choo metallic blue heels | Asos Hamilton sandals

6. Talk Of The Town

The holiday season means more parties so make sure you’ve got your party shoes ready. You know what they say, exciting parties call for exciting shoes. (I actually just made that up but it sounds totally legit.) I say wow the crowd with shoes that are meant to steal the scene. They can even serve as great conversation starters!

From top left, clockwise: Tamara Mellon heels | Sophia Webster blue heels | Giuseppe Zanotti black heels | Aquazurra animal print heels | Miss KG Earl leopard print sandals

7. Texture Master

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but whenever fall/winter comes around, more textures are at play not only in clothes, but shoes as well. So if you’re a little conservative and prefer simpler shoes, why don’t you make up for it by looking for shoes that are classic in design but different in texture?

From top left, clockwise: Jimmy Choo gold snakeskin pumps Jeffrey Campbell flats | Reed Krakoff sandals | River Island pumps | Steve Madden Mysterii heels

8. You’re The Man

Face it. Normcore and androgynous dressing are here to stay so I say, embrace your inner man. I’m personally a huge fan of this trend so I welcome these man shoes with open arms. Try monk shoes, loafers, brogues and oxfords! They add an instant cool factor to even the laziest outfits!

From top left, clockwise: River Island patent loafers | Sam Edelman monk shoes | Stella McCartney slip-ons | Asos Red Sky monk ankle boots | Dr. Martens Kensington Lorne Cherry red monk flat shoes 

31 Responses to “Fall Shoe Must-Haves”
  1. Ericka Garcia

    I love them all. I wish I could buy them all but because I’m on a low budget, I can use this post as my reference. :D

    Ericka Garcia

  2. Reena

    Chunky Honey shoes remind me of the ones that Alicia Silverstone wore on Clueless. hehehe… I have no particular favorite… I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Kung may magic lang sana ako, I would have grabbed the shoes from the screen and wear them instantly! hahaha

  3. Katrin Tuano

    I’d still go normcore with “You’re the man” picks! I can already imagine how I’ll A/W style them. Black jeans + coat/blazer/jacket + a circle scarf + bonnet and a satchel. I love A/W dressing, how I wish we have the season here in PH. Tho, I’ll consider Talk of the town, Shine bright, and texture master.. it’s just that I can’t stand wearing heels for too long and I commute. Haha

    • Camille Co

      I wish we have that season too! :) Oh well!

      Wow, commuting in heels, that would be a feat!!!

  4. Ann

    I’d really like to wear heels but wearing them makes me uncomfortable – I feel too conscious, concentrating my efforts on not falling. Are there any stores you can recommend that sell really nice shoes with not too high heels?

    • Camille Co

      Plenty! But depends what type of flats you’re into. If it’s edgier trendier shoes, I like Topshop, Zara and Aldo. :)

  5. Gala

    Gaya nga ng kasabihan na, “There’s an Imelda in each one of us!” hahahahha. Agree w/ you about the knee-high boots– although at times i am tempted to buy, for the “floods” aka rainy season but so far, ankle boots have worked for me– i mean, i rarely go wading in a flood haha. I hate getting my feet wet and muddy so I go for ankle boots. Super comfy ones i like are Hush Pups and Aerosoles. I apprec8 your effort to rhyme!! Hihi. Same here. / I can’t believe i just recently discovered how platform heels are “better” than stillettoes — last Sat I was at a party and I was up and about for more than 2 hours but miraculously, I was not in flats rehab for the next few days!! I should have bought them way long ago.
    While I scouted for that 1st pair, I also should have noted the brand that I saw w/ built-in cushioning for the balls of the feet. Oh, the pain we gals endure just to look glam and fab! :p “Tiis-ganda” talaga!! Hehe.

    • Camille Co

      Well, if they’re rain boots, go for them! I won’t object haha! :)

      I feel your pain. Oh the things we have to endure!

  6. Celerhina Aubrey

    Great list! Eh ano nga naman kung wala tayong Fall season dito sa Pinas? A fashionista must make it work. I miss reading your blogs Camille. Motherhood is taking up too much of my time. But its all good. Thank heavens for your blog, I could still feel the fashionista in me. Mwah!


  7. Anne

    Oh shoes! Let’s see… my favorites would have to be the Sam Edelman sand boots, the Asos Amsterdam Chelsea ankle boots and the Sophia Webster blue heels! Okay halata na I like boots. Oops. I agree with you right there about normcore and androgynous dressing Cams. Not only is it edgy and interesting it’s really comfy too!

    Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles

  8. Clariss

    I super love your list ate cams! :) and the thing i love is I have some type of shoes in your list, so glad :))) Thank you for sharing to us another wonderful article :) I really learned so many things from you ate cams, and I’m still learning :) sml for you talaga haha. You’re not only beautiful, smart, sexy and creative but you’re also witty and funny :)) hope that I can meet you again and learn many things again from you!

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