Makeup Tutorial: From Sweetie Pie To Sexy Vixen

I received two new lippies from Carmen Claire a few weeks back so I thought why not create a new beauty tutorial featuring these little babies? If you’re not familiar with Carmen Claire, it’s a homegrown brand that sells cruelty-free cosmetics and other beauty products for the not-so-girly girl. It offers makeup that’s both quick and easy; and skin care that works for you, your wallet and Mother Earth. You see, Carmen Claire’s goal is to make you look and feel great with minimal effort, so I’m doing just that! Here’s a super easy beauty tutorial on how to do a simple eye makeup for day wear and how to transition it for night outs with just an eyeliner, smudge brush and lipstick! This is for you, the no-fuss girls who hate bringing a lot of makeup around. Enjoy!

P.S. If you shop at Carmen Claire’s website, make sure to use my coupon code CAMILLESENTME to get 15% off!

Daytime makeup works best when you use neutral colors so Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palette is perfect.

Apply a light-colored eye shadow all over your eyelids. I’m using my palette’s venus eye shadow. It’s the first eye shadow on the palette, just so you have a reference. It has a little shimmer on it which is okay because it’s just your base anyway. This is just to brighten your eyes.

Apply a darker shade this time like the palette’s Naked 2 eye shadow. It’s best to use matte eye shadow because you’re creating dimension and shadows. This is to make your eyes bigger. Apply the eye shadow on the crease of your eyelids or where your eyelids fold. Start from the outer corners of your eyes going inward.

Brush over the crease of your eyes once again while your eyes are open.

Use a brush to blend the outer edges of your eye shadow.

And you’re done! Just curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara on them. I’m skipping this step because I’m wearing lash extensions from Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell.

If you have small eyes like me, you can also apply eyeliner on. I recommend using a brown eyeliner to keep your look natural. This one is from Dolly Wink.

Draw it on your lower lash line. Make sure to apply the eyeliner as near to your lash line as you can.

Add some natural-looking color on your lips like Carmen Claire’s Très Chic. It’s a creamy warm pink lippie that’s universally flattering and stays on long too!

Tada! Easy and simple makeup look for daytime!

Now on to the fun part. Time to transform your look for night wear. Use your eye liner and apply a thick layer on top of your upper lash line. You can make the outer parts even thicker/fatter. Reinforce your lower lash line’s eyeliner as well and make it darker.

Using your smudge brush, smudge your newly applied layer of eyeliner on both your upper and lower lash line. By smudging your eyeliner on your eyelid, it looks as if you applied another shade of eye shadow.

Now you’ve got dramatic eye makeup on!

Finally, switch to a bolder color for your lips. I’m using Carmen Claire’s matte red orange lippie called Sanguinello.

Sweetie pie no more! You’re now a sexy vixen ready to take on the night! What did I tell you? Easy, right?

54 Responses to “Makeup Tutorial: From Sweetie Pie To Sexy Vixen”
  1. Sara

    Ate Cams, i want to know where you bought those “Vogue On” Books? They look interesting and fancy! Haha

  2. Car


    You have long pretty lashes. Are they real?

    If not, where do you go for extensions. Thanks

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Car! Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell at Northeast Square, Greenhills :)

  3. maebs

    going to try the natural look. :) love red lippies, even your not wearing make up just put red lippies and then your good to go. :)

  4. Bianca

    Hi ms camille! What brand of contacts do u wear and where can u get them? :)

  5. Xena

    Hi po ms camille, magkano po yung eyelash extensions na ina-avail mo sa nail spa lounge by ellabell? Gusto ko din po sana magpaganun kaso no clue about their prices pa eh :(

  6. Lilac

    Hi babe! Wish you’d drop the contacts and smile more often. Natural looks best on you, imo! :)

    Nonetheless, you still look ten times awesomer than me. Keep rockin, gurl!

    • Camille Co

      I wouldn’t be able to see without my contacts. :/ Haha! And I do smile, just depends on the outfit :)

  7. Tamara Chloé

    Sweetie, who ever made you believe you have small eyes?
    You really don’t! You have beautiful almond shaped eyes and are far from small lol.

    I loved this post and you are gorge as always;)

    Love Tamara Chloé

    • Camille Co

      I’ve always believed they weren’t small too. My eyes were even bigger when I was a toddler. :) But somehow people always say I have Chinese eyes :) Thanks Tamara! :)

  8. jennny

    Camille, nice tutorial and <3 your top! Where did u get it from?


  9. Arianne Miguel

    I love you so much. Very Beautiful as always, Ate Camille ❤❤ you inspired me to become a young fashion blogger. I admire you so much!

  10. carol

    ah.. i see.. meaning sira din pla eyes mo miss cams? i started wearing contacts ksi this week lng eh. anong grade po ng eyes nyo?

  11. Katrin Tuano

    This one’s definitely for me but I don’t usually wear eye shadow during the day time tho but I’ll totally copy the night makeup for my next night out. It’s just so easy and not too heavy!! Love it!

  12. carol

    sooooo.. beautiful! thank you for this miss cammile! very helpful! btw, are you wearing contacts? how often do you use them?

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Carol! :) Yes I do! Every time I go out because they have grade :)

  13. Clariss

    I really love your tutorials ate cams, your tutorials are easy to follow unlike other tutorials that are very complicated :( I can really use the daytime makeup everyday :) it looks so simple but with an edge too :) the nighttime makeup definitely looks so sexy! Perfect for night clubs haha.

    Ate cams, have you tried the eyelash extensions that lasts for atleast a month? If yes where do you get it done po? I’ve tried having one, but it feels so heavy and looks so fake :(

    • Camille Co

      I get mine done at Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell. It can last up to month if you’re careful but usually around 2-3 weeks :)

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