I thought I’d wear a cheerful outfit for a day of fun and shopping around Hong Kong. I don’t know why but it somehow reminds me of marshmallows. I can’t quite pinpoint if it’s because of the white polka dots, or the overall cuteness of this outfit. It’s even fluffy and soft like a pillow! (See, I sound like I’m describing a marshmallow.) Either way, marshmallow outfit or not (or just my brain being weird), I’m head over heels in love with this co-ord top and skirt from Stylenanda. You all must know by now how much I adore this Korean brand–always fashion-forward and made in the best quality. Lately, they’ve got a bunch of new styles in neoprene fabric like what I’m wearing, so if you’re a fan of the trend, hurry and pay its website a visit!

Stylenanda top and skirt Céline bag Bvlgari watch Pandora bracelet October 1 shoes

38 Responses to “Marshmallow”
  1. Katrin Tuano

    Hey there Mallows!! You’re so adoooooorableee!! Everything in this look in so cute: the pastel matching outfit, your shoes and the pastel pink bag. But you’re not cute because you are beautiful! <3 I don't know why but I seriously like like like it when you wear pastels. It makes you more blooming hehe

  2. Yao Yao

    OMG, I love this OUTFIT!!! It’s so cute, totally my style. And I love your bag from Celine. I also have the same bag, but different color. I like yours, what color is it called?

  3. Romi

    It’s very beautiful! I don’t know if it looks like marshmallow))), but it looks very fresh, light and in pastel shades, very very cute!!!!!!!!

  4. Ericka Garcia

    If you’re wearing that outfit to a Fashion Week, you’re probably a head turner! :) Love that set!

    Ericka Garcia

  5. Khayrin

    I love the well-structured flappy sleeves (!!!) and the so-unlike-you shoes. Haha

  6. Dilek

    I love Stylenanda! They always have pretty clothes. I love these photos, by the way, they are so bright and clear. ^^

  7. Clariss

    The whole outfit is so cute :> hay nako ate cams SANA magkaroon ng stylenanda sa manila no? Yung boutique mismo :) I’ve been wishing it to come here in manila since 2011 when I watched it in a korean channel :) sml for their designs talaga :)))

    Ate cams, when po pala yung deadline nung sa ayosdito? :) I’m really checking my wardrobe na because I really want to be styled and meet you hehe

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