My Pandora Experience


I always see Pandora around whenever I shop here and abroad. I must admit though that I never went into one… until now. I don’t know why it took me this long to discover all the beautiful jewellery it offers. I actually got to see most of them during my Pandora shoot a few weeks back. Yes, I’m a lucky girl! Even luckier now because I got to experience picking out my own Pandora bracelet!

Pandora isn’t just about the bracelets and charms though. It also carries dainty rings like these that are perfect to mix and match.


My favorite is this pearl ring at the center.


And these rings that are great for stacking.


Like Pandora’s rings, its earrings are as girly as ever. There are pieces in sterling silver, 14k gold, two-tone and gemstones.

Pandora’s charms aren’t for bracelets only, you can use them to design your Pandora necklace too!


These are just a few of the charms you can choose from.

Pandora practically has all the charms you need for each of your special moments, from cute charms like rabbits and teacups to romantic charms like hearts and diamonds.


You can even make a fourth of July-inspired bracelet like this one!


Or a bracelet inspired by the sea perhaps? Pearl of the orient, anyone?


Seeing these charms and jewellery clearly brought me to my happy place.


Especially when I saw these gold bracelets!!! I died! They’re quite pricey though (for good reason), so I’m sticking to a simple silver bracelet for now.


Aside from  sterling silver and 14k solid gold bracelets, you can also choose leather or textile bracelet strands if you’re not that into metal. These charms look great no matter what bracelet you choose anyway.



I was overwhelmed by the amount of charms I was presented. I literally didn’t know where to start! Pandora has over 600 charms. Imagine, SIX HUNDRED!!! So many to choose from!


These are Murano charms.

Pandora also has enamel charms and little charms with crystals, diamonds and pearls.


It even has zodiac signs!!! Check out the dangling shoe and ring too!


These two-tone charms are my favorite! If only, I wasn’t sticking to a budget, I’d fill up my entire bracelet with two-tone, diamond and gold charms!


FYI, it took me an hour to pick out my charms, even with utmost concentration!


Almost there!


My final pick! I’m always drawn to pearls and all things girly so I chose this pearl charm as my key piece. I surrounded it with a heart charm that has the word love in various languages engraved on it, a treasure chest to symbolize all the things I hold dear and 2 Murano charms to add color to my silver bracelet.


What do you think? It’s my first Pandora bracelet! I plan to fill this up with my charms in the future–charms that signifies the milestones in my life.


P.S. We’re really happy deep inside, we just don’t look like it here because we didn’t realize our photo was already being taken. Please forgive our half-smiles. :) No girl would leave Pandora unhappy, I assure you. These charms can get addicting!

Pandora is available at C1 Bonifacio High Street Central, Greenbelt 5, Glorietta 4, Fiesta Mall DFS, Resorts World, Lucerne at Shangri-la Plaza Mall and the departure area of T1 and T2, NAIA. (Philippines)

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  1. Nina

    So true Pandora is love, I have my own collections too, well my dear husband introduced Pandora to me, kahit dati pa gandang ganda talaga ako sa Pandora but medyo pricey talaga xa😁 but super ganda and I’m so happy for having my own Pandora😍😍😍

  2. Mele + Marie

    Pandora’s pieces are indeed distinct by allowing the customer to choose their own jewelry components, while still keeping the style and the make of the pieces uniquely theirs. Such intricate designs on every single charm.

    • Camille Co

      Oh my I can’t remember. It was so long ago. Parang if just the bracelet, around 4-5k :)

  3. Danielle

    I had the same experience…kinda. My mom was actually the one who first got interested in Pandora. To me back then, Pandora was, well, jewelry and i wasn’t into that. That was 2 years ago and now I just finished my first pandora bracelet. My mom wasn’t using hers and she bought a lot so i had a lot to choose from when I started, but then I realized her charms wasn’t…me. So I took her oxidized silver bracelet and started a collection of my own. I chose charms both meaningful and decorative and something I found pretty. Right now I got my eyes set on their ESSENCE collection.

    • Camille Co

      Now I know why Pandora is called Pandora. Once you get hooked, it’s like opening a Pandora’s box! :)

  4. Patty

    Hi Camille! I know this is an old post but I really really wanna know how much does the most basic silver bracelet(charms excluded) and the most basic charm (sterling, I think) costs? I try to google it but walang result in Peso. And then I remembered your post about it. Hehe. I’m from iloilo kasi and I’m planning to buy one as a grad gift to myself and I would wanna come prepared if I can fly to manila already. Masyadong mahaba na ang comment ko but I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you!! Xoxo

    • Camille Co

      Parang around 4k yata yung bracelet lang. I’m not too sure! The charms range from 1-2k? I’m super not sure but around that price range :)

  5. nozomi mizui

    hi ms. camille i will buy pandora bracelet, please help me to choose what bracelet is really nice? hehe thank you!!


    • Camille Co

      Depends on your personality. :) Pick charms that describe or inspire you :)

  6. mieljianne

    Hi Ms. Camille! I know this blog was months ago but wanted to know if you have any idea how much it costs to have a simple pandora earrings?

  7. Stacey

    Lovely lovely charms! Although, these from the Pandora shop can be expensive. I do however know of a lady who sells cheap Pandora charms for half the price of that in the shops. I don’t know how she does it! But the stock she tends to have on her website called ‘my pandora charms’ isn’t cheap rubbish either it’s quality charms. Have a look at the website. Get your charms almost half price!

    • Camille Co

      Thanks! I don’t know how similar they are but I’m sure only Pandora sells these :)

    • Camille Co

      It differs. :) I think enamels are the cheapest while the gold ones are the most expensive :)

  8. Christine Koay

    The charm you choose are cute, Ms Camille! There’s a Pandora outlet in my place too but i haven’t got myself one yet because it’s a bit pricey.. but i promise myself i will get one when i can afford it.. because the charm itself is already pricey.. i cried when i saw the price.. i only admired when i enter and of course, no one served me.. haha.. not to say they didn’t serve me at all.. i only went and ask for the price..

  9. Gladys

    Ang sakit ng tiyan ko sa kakatawa sa P.S. mo miss. :D
    Antaray ng smile ni Miss Kryz. Mukhang tuwang-tuwa naman si Miss Lissa, oh.

    Na WOW ako sa mga charms. Hindi ba nakakaubos ng kayamanan ang pagbili niyan? I wanna own one. (Make it two.)

    • Camille Co

      Kailangan pag-ipunan :) Every charm should be meaningful diba para worth your money :)

  10. Steph Sison

    Di naman halata na you’re into pearls Ms. Cams, I just noticed you’re necklace.
    Buti na lang tinapos ko muna basahin before giving a comment on your photo, Ms. Lissa Kahayon is the only one who looks happy. haha.. But, you still look fabulous! :)

  11. Molly

    hahah that P.S. was so funny! I was about to throw a comment about your smiles in the photo until I saw your explanation below :p I thought maybe it wasn’t really that happy at all because Pandora is too pricey and that u weren’t able to brimg home with u the gold ones :D

  12. Pat Hernandez

    Wow! If ever I’ll be rich, I’ll definitely buy a bracelet with charms from Pandora! I somehow thought that you would pick a ribbon charm. hehe. still, it’s a beautiful bracelet. :) which bracelet strand did you choose?

    • Camille Co

      I was going too but maybe next time :) I got the silver one :)

  13. Tricia Ladiana

    Ohmy gulay!!!So Tunay na maganda!LOL..hay I wish someday I can have pandora,hehe,Oh BTW!IIs it free for you?and also for LAureen and Lissa? hehe :)

  14. Geneva Bassig

    Me and my sisters each have Pandora rings. :) I have amethyst gemstone on my ring. :) my mom and aunt have the charm bracelets. my aunt used to call it memory bracelet because whenever she went for holidays she would surely buy charms in Pandora from that country (if available) for souvenir. It can also be a cool gift on Christmas. Haha! No more thinking. charms na lang. :P

    • itscamilleco

      Awww that’s so cool! Memory bracelet :) Makes it even more special :)

  15. Mae Selisana

    Stunning Bracelet!! How much is the bracelet with charms Ms. Cams?:))))

    • itscamilleco

      You should! A lot of girls would love to own a Pandora! Fill yours up with charms! :)

  16. maebs

    Wow 600 charms, can’t imagine that. Mahihirapan talgang pumili. :-) love their rings so beautiful. :-)

  17. Angelic Robles

    Great picks for your charms, Miss Camille! I’m loving that engraved heart charm. I wish there was a bow charm I could design
    for you, since you love bows and ribbons.

    Anyway, I’m glad you got to visit a new place to get some style inspiration from when it comes to your accessories. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work on this blog after seeing you light up in these photos. It’s a great feeling to see one of my style icons be inspired by new pieces that up the ante of fashion. Can’t wait to see you wear your new Pandora bracelet for your next posts! :-D

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Angelic! :) There were ribbon charms actually! Those are next! :)

  18. Reena

    Ay nako… I’m sure nakalimutan mo na ang galit mosa Hostgator because of this… haha… Gosh… I feel like a kid in a candy store just looking at those charms! Ako, gusto ko yung parang typical girly girl na princess ang peg. lol… Na may maliliit na crowns… lol

    • itscamilleco

      Cute!! :) Hindi pa nawawala pero it does lessen everytime I look at my pretty bracelet :)

  19. Ren

    Pandora’s designers sure are creative to make 600 charms, haha :) I hope to make my own one day! I love mostly gold hues and emeralds :)

  20. Jam

    I knew the girl with cap was kryz! Haha. (With reference to the candid shot) you three look cute on the last photo :))

    • itscamilleco

      It’s a nice thing to save up for :) Treat your charms as a reminder of all the nice things you experiences or of the goals you want to achieve :)

  21. Vina Guerrero

    hi cams! i just want to ask how much is the silver bracelet without charms? :)

  22. Pia

    Lucky girl!! The charms are so pretty omg, I understand why it took you an hour to pick which ones you’re going to use for your bracelet. I’m thinking of giving my bestfriend a Pandora bracelet for her debut and I’m so glad for this post, it gave me a head start on which charms I should get her. :) Anyway, ate Camille, can I ask for your help? My org is having its annual General Assembly and our theme is Las Vegas (we’re not allowed to wear black), any tips on what I should wear? :D

  23. Dianne

    600 charms? wow its a lot ! i think its hard to choose, everything is adorable
    and your bracelet looks nice with the pearl :)

  24. Sephie Rojas

    I’d probably design one ala Alice in Wonderland (my favorite childhood movie). Full of bunnies and ribbons, haha! I should check them out one day when I have cash :/ The bunny charms are tempting me @_@ I can’t imagine having to choose from 600 charms. I’ll die, haha!

    • itscamilleco

      You can totally do that! They have teapots and teacups too!

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