Travel Diary: Charlottenburg Palace

Another day, another palace. Oh the life of a princess! A girl can dream, right? Charlottenburg Palace or Schloss Charlottenburg is the largest and most important remaining Hohenzollern residence in Berlin. The palace and its garden were originally built as a summer residence for the Prussian Queen, Sophie Charlotte (who happens to share the same […]


Resort Living

Don’t you just love resort dressing? No frills, just pure comfort and simplicity. Maybe it’s because you don’t really need much when you have a backdrop like this. An easy outfit like my Inca Abaya dress from British brand Pitusa is all you need. It’s that perfect lazy dress, effortless but still sophisticated as ever. […]


Be My Baby

I always feel like a kid again whenever I’m wearing matching sets like this. Not that I think they look childish (more like adorable), but I remember my mom used to always dress me up in matchy-matchy clothes back in the day. Yes, she’s one of “those” moms who like to dress their kids up […]


Peach Perfect

It’s always a happy day in the world of shopping when I discover new brands. And since I’m a sharer, I’ll let you in on my online finds. You’re welcome. You’ve already seen one of them in my previous post. It’s the Korean shoe brand, Tandy. As you can tell from the pair of wedge sneakers […]


Cool As Can Be

This has got to be one of my most comfortable outfits ever. No cropped top in sight so I can inhale and exhale as I please. No slim-fitting bottoms so I can move around freely. And most importantly, no painful (but gorgeous) stilettos so I can walk around as much as I want without the […]


Afternoon Stroll

If our weather was a little breezier, maybe I’d actually consider strolling around one of our local parks. I’d wear something like this–a simple top, a light soft skirt and a comfortable pair of flats. One can only dream, right? In reality though, I was sweating like a pig (a cute and fashionable little pig FYI) […]


Fly Girl

I felt extra bouncy this day, from my hair down to my shoes. I was part of a fashion show so my hair was beautifully styled and my makeup was all pretty. How I wish I wake up looking like this everyday. But that’s just not the way life works. Since I had a super […]


Golden Glow

How fitting is it that I’m typing this beach post taken at Boracay last month from my hotel room in Boracay now? Yes I’m back in the island again. I used to think I wasn’t a beach baby but it seems like I am. I can’t remember how many times I’ve visited this island already. […]


Nothing Like The Swiss Alps

It seems like everywhere you go in Switzerland, the snow-covered mountains look like they’re just a few steps away. Part of me (a very silly part of me) wants to just reach out and maybe, just maybe, I’d be able to touch them and discover that they were actually just painted on my background. They’re […]


La Union Photo Diary

I promise this is the last of my La Union beach posts. Tomorrow, we’re back to the usual outfit posts from the city. Sigh. I will miss these dreamy photos, golden undertones and clear skies. As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, Carol and I went on this trip because she wanted to try […]