Happy 2016!

Another year has gone by and just like that, we’re ringing in the new year once again.┬áBut before I officially say hello to 2016 here on my blog, I’d like to look back and just reflect on how 2015 treated me. Thankfully, it was yet another fruitful year filled with laughter, life and lots and […]


Plan Ahead

Living in the digital age tends to make us forget the beauty of writing the good old fashioned way, which is why I appreciate little reminders such as this Megaworld Lifestyle Malls 2015 planner. It gives me a reason to once again start jotting down not just my schedules and reminders, but my thoughts, ideas […]


New Year’s Eve

Every New Year’s Eve, I always make it a point to wear something red. I’m Chinese so it’s a tradition in our family–not that we’re required or forced to do it. It’s just a fun belief we Chinese have. Red, for us, brings luck. It’s like wishing someone well, which is also why whenever an […]


2013 Is Here!

To start the new year, I figured I’d say goodbye to 2012 by compiling my Instagram photos and posting a collage here. It’s a good way to look back at the wonderful year I had. Originally, I intended to compile all 600+ photos but they’re too plenty! Forgive me, this is the best I can […]


New Year, New Hopes

Every New Year’s Eve, I wear either something red or gold or polka-dotted. They say these bring in luck for the year ahead. Here’s what I wore to greet the New Year. (Warning: My sister and I had too much time on our hands yesterday so prepare for a lot of photos. Pagbigyan niyo na […]