Plan Ahead

Living in the digital age tends to make us forget the beauty of writing the good old fashioned way, which is why I appreciate little reminders such as this Megaworld Lifestyle Malls 2015 planner. It gives me a reason to once again start jotting down not just my schedules and reminders, but my thoughts, ideas […]


New Year’s Eve

Every New Year’s Eve, I always make it a point to wear something red. I’m Chinese so it’s a tradition in our family–not that we’re required or forced to do it. It’s just a fun belief we Chinese have. Red, for us, brings luck. It’s like wishing someone well, which is also why whenever an […]


2013 Is Here!

To start the new year, I figured I’d say goodbye to 2012 by compiling my Instagram photos and posting a collage here. It’s a good way to look back at the wonderful year I had. Originally, I intended to compile all 600+ photos but they’re too plenty! Forgive me, this is the best I can […]


New Year, New Hopes

Every New Year’s Eve, I wear either something red or gold or polka-dotted. They say these bring in luck for the year ahead. Here’s what I wore to greet the New Year. (Warning: My sister and I had too much time on our hands yesterday so prepare for a lot of photos. Pagbigyan niyo na […]