Think Pink

As much as I love Christmas, let’s face it–it’s gotta be the most fattening holiday of the year. The parties never end, and food and booze just keep coming. Prepare to say sayonara to that flat tummy of yours because it’ll disappear along with 2014. It’s inevitable, we’re all bound to pack on a few […]


Blog Giveaway: Win This Red Tote (CLOSED)

Before we talk about this latest giveaway, let me say something about my outfit first. I know, I know. You really want to know how you can score this red tote. Hold your horses! This will be quick. I promise! It’s already been a habit of mine to raid my mom and my sister’s closets […]


Blog Giveaway: Merry Christmas from SM GTW (CLOSED)

Hello!!! Is it Christmas already? The giveaways just keep coming, don’t they? Here’s another one for you. This time, it’s from SM GTW! Be one of the 10 readers to win these awesome prizes! All 10 winners will get 3 P100 SM GTW gift certificates each plus either one of the clothes above or one […]