PFW presents Design Fusion + Vision & Trends

After the Candie’s fashion show last Saturday, I attended the last show for the day sponsored by Sony Vaio. The show was divided into 2 segments, namely Design Fusion and Vision & Trends. Design Fusion featured the works of Bo Parcon, Don Protasio, Russel Villafuerte, Veejay Floresca and Xernan Ortico, while Vision & Trends featured the works of Aries Lagat, Enrico Carado, Happy Andrada, Jaki Peñalosa, Jan Garcia, Kenneth Chua, Regine Dulay, and Oz Go.

The show started with models dressed in leotards and plain suits, showing off the latest from Sony Vaio.

After taking a few shots of the first 1-2 minutes of the show, my camera decided to die on me! THE HORROR! My spare battery was in the car! So while I pleaded with my boyfriend to go get it for me, I wasn’t able to take photos of the first 4 designers’ collections. I felt beyond sad, especially when Veejay Floresca’s collection came out. His collection was AMAZING!!!! *tear* Good thing my good friend Bianca Catbagan of is an official PFW photographer and she was kind enough to send me photos. Thank you Bia! :)

First up, Bo Parcon. His collection consisted of blacks and golds, with safety pins as embellishments. (Photo by: Bianca Catbagan of

Don Protasio. His collection had clean and simple lines. Fuss-free. The dress above is my favorite from his collection. (Photo by: Bianca Catbagan of

Russel Villafuerte’s collection came in orange hues. (Photo by: Bianca Catbagan of

And the winner is… VEEJAY FLORESCA! Love love love his collection! The skintone maillots under the paneled dresses are genius! (Photo by: Bianca Catbagan of

Another one by Veejay. (Photo by: Bianca Catbagan of

Dresses by Veejay Floresca. Sigh, love at first sight. (Photo by: Bianca Catbagan of

From this point on, my camera had already been revived. Yay!

Xernan Ortico. Love the necklace!

Xernan Ortico’s collection was very clean and sleek. It’s one of my favorites too.

Xernan Ortico.

Aries Lagat. As always, amazing workmanship.

Enrico Carado’s collection, like his previous ones, look like art. His fabric treatment and coloring are always to die for, which is why his collection is also a favorite of mine.

Enrico Carado.

Enrico Carado.

Enrico Carado.

Happy Andrada’s collection looked 3D!

Happy Andrada.

Happy Andrada. I want these leggings.

Fabric manipulation was key to Happy Andrada’s collection.

Jaki Peñalosa.

Jan Garcia.

Kenneth Chua. I especially love his Lego accessories.

Regine Dulay’s collection seems simple but if you look closely, her pieces have a lot of intricate details.

Oz Go.

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    I was browsing all of your old posts and I saw this. My sister’s on the 1st pic. But it’s too small. Hehe. I’ve watched this show as well hihi.

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